Wednesday, December 22, 2010



But no, they just couldn't let it be a great happy warm fuzzy feeling story.

No, they have to go and lecture us about how these fossils will help us understand how species will recover from "the damage humans have done to the Earth."

Honest to Pete.

I guarantee you the Chinese paleontologists that found it are not flagellating themselves over their find.


Anonymous said...

Good point in regards to how silly the whole global warming scam has become.
There is a very old book called, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, by Charles Mackay. Mackay lists all sorts of very stupid trends, that various societies have gone through. The financial manias listed are the; Tulipmania, The South Sea Bubble, and the Mississippi Scheme. Yes the Dot Com bubble is very similar, to these other bubbles of the past.Mackay makes the point that humans get caught up in these silly social trends, that turn into mass crazed manias.
The global warming scam, is just another example of a mass social craze, that has gotten to the point of insanity. The Eugenics movement of the late 1800s and early 20th century, has many similarities to the current global warming movement.
Anyways, 25 years from now, we can all laugh at how the crazy the global warming movement gripped the world.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:35PM

Agree. I read it years ago, although I stopped short of applying it to other than economic/market applications.

But it is true there are crazed manias that aren't financially or market based.

I submit that perhaps the rise of Hitler was a crazed mania within Germany which perpetuated itself until it collapsed.

I think the global warming mania is closer to the mania of Hitler's rise than it is to a financial/market mania.

The key difference is these political manias are motivated by acquistion of power and using it the force change that the empowered elitists demand. The financial manias are pretty much motivated by personal and/or organizational greed.

I think the political manias are far more dangerous for a freedom-loving people.

You know there is a good chance a mania exists when radical action is being trumpeted by all media sources and is believed by almost everyone without question and non-believers are ridiculed.

Key point is the non-believers aren't proven wrong with facts or statistics or science, they are personally attacked, discredited and excluded from the argument.

You wrote "Anyways, 25 years from now, we can all laugh at how the crazy the global warming movement gripped the world."

I agree, as we freeze our butts off digging out from 10 feet of snow and drifts as high as telephone poles - like Minnesota had in the 40's and 50s.

Mark L said...

20,000 fossils found in China?

Meh. What's the big deal about a Central Committee meeting. Admittedly a 20,000 person committee is on the large size, but it is China.

Norm said...

So what was the carbon footprint of the animals that caused the global warming which wipred out 90% of the species?

Anonymous said...

Meh...Irreversible damage my ass, the day we self destruct by nuclear war, or GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, will just be a tiny dot in this planet's timeline. There's few ways that we can truly harm Earth and even then when we end up destroying all life on the planet, I give it 100 million years for plants to return then oxygen forming yet again and human civilization evolving out of monkeys once more....or who knows, maybe next time we get to have a cool animal like a bear or tiger as the common ancestor.