Saturday, December 11, 2010

Natasha's New Shoes

The lovely Natasha, which some of you are fans of, recently made a purchase. I fully endorse this purchase on account I believe it is about the same value as the Louisiana Purchase or Seward's Folly - absolutely a steal.

She spent a whopping $23 on these shoes and I thought some of you of the male persuasion in the Capposphere would confirm her decision to purchase these shoes (on top of it, may I add, she had to wait 2 years for these shoes to go on sale because she is 6'1" tall and needs 12 size shoes. She's now 6'6" with these shoes when dancing with your much shorter 5'9" Captain. And yes, I'm bragging right now just to make you all jealous!)

Let me know if you concur. In the meantime, Natasha is poking me and telling me to remind you that the donation button is up and to the right.


Anonymous said...

I'm 6'7" in my socks, given a normal male shoe heel that puts me at about 6'8" a dancing partner who is 6'6" ... oooooohhhh.

Be still my beating heart. A potential dance partner who isn't a foot shorter than I.

Captain, you can have her back at the end of the evening ... since you brought her and all. Or, rather, out of respect: please may I borrow her for a couple of dances?

Rosalys said...

Yes, the shoes are lovely! But why should we be asked to pay for them or her ammo? This is evidence of a closet socialist mindset! Enough of this going Galt stuff - stop asking us to subsidize your lifestyle!

Captain Capitalism said...

Actually, you'd be subsidizing her lifestyle.

And yes Anon, if we're out dancing I'll let you have a couple dances with her. She loves dancing.