Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Perception is Reality," the Leftist Chick I Was Dating Said

In my series on capitalism vs socialism, I told the tale of a girl I was on a date with where our date consisted of walking a lengthy 7 mile trail of the Mississippi River. The girl was a big leftist and, long story short, I had so completely destroyed her arguments with basic facts and logic that in the end she said, "well I choose to believe what I want because my perception is reality."

Understand this is literally, in its purest definition, psychotic. This girl was delusional. She chose to ignore reality.

Ergo why this article is so interesting. It basically highlights what is going to become more and more common amongst the "educated" collegiate youth of today. Since they were brought up with limitless funds from mommy and daddy (who mortgaged the house and have since ran out of money and can no longer afford to finance their childrens' lives) or had a bevy of government programs (financed through borrowing as well), they have lived in a bubble. A bubble where resources are unlimited and they never spent one calorie of energy worrying about the future. If anything they worried about whether they might not get the latest Apple product for Christmas.

However, as the funds have run out both from parental sources and government sources, the economic REALITY is starting to hit them. And with no more money available to shield them from this reality, they frankly can't take it.

So intellectually weak and unprepared are they for the real world, they instead protest against reality. And so childish are they, they are incapable of understanding the concept of "reality."

They literally, LITERALLY could be protesting against gravity.

Of course, those of us with the slightest bit of common sense know they are in for a rude awakening. But why ruin their fun? Let them protest and hold their breaths till their faces turn blue. I'm prepared for the decline.

Are you?


Baron Metzengerstein said...

I think you speak to a larger principle, Cap...

The more we build up a "social safety net" of welfare (either government or from Mommy & Daddy) the more we prevent following generations from picking up on the important life lessons one gets only via directly having to deal with adversity.

It's kind of a paradox though... the more advanced we get and the easier we make life for ourselves via the technological and affluent advances from a free marketplace, the more room we give the same stupid ideas of command economies to grow and flourish.

Anonymous said...

Reality is that which, even when you stop believing in it, is still there.

Anonymous said...

Why, Captain! You sound like a chit house objectivist! And good for you!

Belief and truth are old enemies among our lesser leftie lickspittles, that is why we're in the mess we're in.

No, I am not prepared for the decline. Is anyone?

Anonymous said...

Post-modernist bastards at their best. Caps, read up on Sokal affair to get an idea on their mindset. You just may enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Gen Y - children of the boomers.

All of the hubris, but only half the intelligence.

Hot Sam said...

I had a discussion about gun control with the last liberal woman I dated.

She accepted the fact that the vast majority of gun owners commit no violent crimes.

She accepted that gun control had failed to stop firearms crime in America's major cities.

She accepted that differences in firearm crime rates between the US and other countries had more to do with demographic factors than the mere presence of guns.

She accepted that firearms safety programs, which she opposed, make as much sense as sex education, which she supports.

But in the end, she still supported gun control to the extent of making the ownership of all firearms illegal for everyone.

When I asked her why, she said,

"It's just the world I want to live in."

I resisted the urge to tell her to move to Venus, because I wanted to get laid.

Captain Capitalism said...

Wait, our generation has intelligence to begin with???

Anonymous said...

I have had this sort of conversation many times, with all sorts of people.
I have also had times where I simply asked someone why they believed such and such a view point. I was interested in their topic and wanted further information. An example, "interesting why do feel that way"? Other person "Oh, I just do".
Here is a reason this happens. Most people put very little thought into their beliefs and viewpoints. They also become very upset when you might force them to think a little, and explain themselves.
You see this happening a lot during elections, when the media ask people for their political views.
Another example that I witnessed on TV news, during an election.
Media, "what issues concern you during this election"? Voter, "well here in Nebraska we don`t have a lot of time to think about elections, so we just vote Democrat". Why even have an election with that sort of attitude.
Bottom line, most people do not put much thought into their beliefs, and they get upset if you ask them to think.

amcz said...

I had a Marxist professor like that. Day one, her first lesson was "truth is subjective."

Sad to say she was teaching a lower history course which a lot of freshmen and sophomores had to take. Some of them now think the U.S. was the primary cause of World War II.

Anonymous said...

Let's pause a moment to thank these Leftist Chicks for all the high-quality amateur porn they've created for us guys. Perception that "acting" will not damage her future employment or marriage prospects = reality! Perception that Mom and Dad won't find out = reality!

Anonymous said...

This mindset is not new. People preferred Hegel's sophistic make believe to Schopenahuer's harsh dose of reality.

- Breeze

Anonymous said...

Did you at least get some?

Captain Capitalism said...

You know, that is now the THIRD time somebody asked me how the date went.

She married a doctor in London after she got impregnated and now is a stay at home mom despite her doctorate in philsophy.

THank you MInnesota state taxpayer for subsidizing my hobby that I now do nothing with!

Anonymous said...

You are Gen X, captain

Captain Capitalism said...

Unforunately, yes.

Anonymous said...

Baron said:

The more we build up a "social safety net" of welfare (either government or from Mommy & Daddy) the more we prevent following generations from picking up on the important life lessons one gets only via directly having to deal with adversity.

I think you meant diversity.

Joseph said...

There is a silver lining: environmentalism. The basic metaphysics of environmentalism is rational. Environmentalist statements are of the form "This is true," not "This is what we want to be true." Imagine if the metaphysics of the rest of the left were applied to the environment. Could you say
"radioactivity is dangerous for you but not for me?" Does it make sense to say "nobody really knows whether global warming is a crisis, so we can believe whatever we like?" Pointing out that they are wrong about many of the details almost seems like quibbling.

Of course, that still means environmentalists have only advanced to the same level of rationality that the rest of us achieved in kindergarten ... but things could be worse.