Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breaking the Social Contract, Gone Fishin', Teacher Union Math and More


A rather succinct summary of enjoying the decline. (though the Captain does NOT endorse the Bon Jovi lameness at the end)

Haley goes to a hell that makes Normandy on a rainy June day in 1944 look good.

Progression of Egyptian graduates from 1959 to Present (Just four photos to look at and a very quick post).

How teachers unions do math.

We're still not at 5 months supply, so expect housing prices to continue down.

Can we just "turn down the rhetoric?" Thank god Althouse is on the ground.

And Grerp! You're supposed to ENJOY the decline, not fear it! Embrace the decline. The decline is your friend.

Retro Captain!


grerp said...

Silly me! (Thanks for the linkage.)

Anonymous said...

About union math: Even if we take teachers at their word, that parents should be grateful to pay the equivalent of minimum wage per hour to educate their children, the argument falls apart.

The personnel is only part of the equation - part of the cost is also the plant and infrastructure, (I hate that word). The teacher would only get his seven bucks per student per hour if he also provided the building, the books, and the bus.

I'm blown away when I talk to teachers in Canada. They make more money than many highly trained professionals like senior software engineers and construction project managers, without sharing in the tremendous risk and accountability associated with these jobs - and yet they feel that they're underpaid.