Monday, February 21, 2011

Glad I Had a Vasectomy

If for any other reason my would-be-child does not have to suffer the mental-carpet-bag this poor kid is going to become when he gets older. Read the whole article and you will see why I'm happy I'm out of the genetic propagation race.

hat tip.


Anonymous said...

Captain, look at illegitimacy rates in contemporary West (R). And try to imagine what happens when these children grow up.
The real fun is yet to begin (it will rather be Liberia than Jersey Shore :) ). And there is no way back.

Carlos E said...

And she wants the grandfather to perform as the dad... that's sick

tony said...

Can't wait for the lawsuit for child support. No matter what they may have agreed on, the court will side with this idiot mom.

Aeroguy said...

Tony hit it on the head, even in the case of "anonymous" sperm donation through a official fertility clinic, courts in Britain have already ruled that the children at age 18 are entitled to contacting their "anonymous" fathers. Smells like ex post facto to me but if it's "for the children" they'll do what ever they feel like. It's a scary world, I can't wait to see it collapse.

You're so vain ,you probably think this post is about you,,,,,, said...

Look at ME, yes ME. ME,ME,ME,I.

I have needs, won't you listen to ME, daddy always listens to ME and pays for everything I have done, I am an independent and strong WOMAN.

Did I mention I got MY story in the newspaper, it was all about ME, it was fantastic. It described how every man in my life got the hell out quickly and how daddy will pay anything to keep me away.

Keep watching for more stuff about ME.

EarlW said...

I think there is a big difference between a woman who wants a child and is ready and able to bring them up and a young person who gets pregnant and ruins their life trying to deal with it.

She may have been naive about the relationship, but she is (hopefully) not going to depend on welfare to bring up her child.

Geoff Matthews said...


It isn't siding with the mom, it is siding with the kid. Mom's cannot (legally, at least in the US) waive monetary support for their children.

The trick is how to apply this to sperm banks. Rest assured, lawyers are trying.

Tony said...

Geoff Matthews,

If the courts were going to side with the children then they would not be encouraging this crap and other crap like it that leads to more single parent households.

A child is not a shield; those that put these children in these situation should be responsible.

I must say though, any guy that does this is a complete moron and asking for the trouble that comes his way.

SDaedalus said...

Thanks for the linkage, Captain.

I'm really not sure that the implications of the whole sperm donation thing have been thought through properly.