Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Journalism

In preparation for a speech I will be holding at the U of Minnesota, I spent a fair amount of time looking up University salaries as a means to gauge education inflation.

I came across this piece put together by the Minnesota Daily (the student newspaper) that was heartening in that it was;

1. Well written
2. Relevant
3. An actual example of good journalism

Sadly there are no comments on the site which leads me to believe such work largely falls on deaf ears in the university world.


Anonymous said...

That was eye opening.

Anonymous said...

Let`s face it, the real economy no longer measures up. People in the government or government regulated areas make more money.
A life working in academia used to mean job security, the study of an interesting field, and a very moderate salary. The same could also be said for government workers, in terms of low pay and job security.
The basketball coach at this university, makes over a million dollars a year. Knute Rockne must be rolling in the grave.
I mean who wants to start a business venture? Why not just work at a university department, and pull in 400K a year. They also get a 4 month summer vacation.
I have to stop commenting, my stomach is turning over.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me they (the elites at the U of MN) don't have enough money.

Anonymous said...

The "Poor" Teachers...

Anonymous said...

OK, one quibble those 100K+ posisitions are full time, no 4 month vacation for them.

That being said, they probably get more vacation time than I do.

Oh, if you want to amused your self check out the salaries of ( well run) non-profits. That's eye opening too.

Anonymous said...

The salaries of non-profit charities is disgusting. I agree.
I guess you can`t fault these guys for wanting even more government intervention into the economy. They are riding the big government ticket. Hey, lets give out even more student loans. Then everyone in the faculty, can make over a million dollars a year, not just the basketball coach. The former Soviet Union had an elite ruling class, that lived very well. They also had no interest in a free and prosperous economy.
Is it any wonder these university types, tend to be anti-capitalism.