Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why You Should Be Against "Male Studies"

I didn't think it would exist because of inherent male psychology, but it does. Found it on one of the manosphere blogs and I can't remember which, but it's come to this;

Male Studies.

So let me explain this as short and succinctly as I can.

Male studies should not exist.

Not because men aren't important.

Not because aspects of society aren't assailing and assaulting men.

And because not that we shouldn't be calling attention to the plight men have.

Male studies should not exist because the concept of having a "male studies" degree or program is antithetical to being male.

Men solve problems. Men are direct and to the point. Men are practical.

Ergo, the idea of having a "male studies" program in college is inane. It doesn't solve the problem, but instead is simply a side-show that distracts from the main issues. It's a means to profit off of the naive feelings and emotions of kids who lack the intellectual rigor to study a real discipline in college, but enough of their parents money they can afford not to (just like women's studies, or any hyphenated American studies). It does nothing to help its participants.

To champion "male causes" or fight against "the war on boys" the tools already exist in the form of the public forum. The internet, the media, your legislators, the judicial system and (above all) your personal decisions are all one needs to help the cause of men.

The idea of making it a "science" or a "discipline," where no doubt taxpayer money would be used, is frankly insulting and beneath all real men and their standards everywhere. Besides, in creating a "male studies" program, how are we now any different than those who participate in a "womens studies" program?


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing "male studies" is a way for useless, ugly Leftist female grad students who will likely never breed to get a degree in hating men.

Kinda like "whiteness studies" is a way for non-whites to get a degree in hating whitey. (Not to be confused with Chicano Studies or Black Studies, in which Latinos and Blacks get a degree in celebrating their feeble accomplishments.)

Anonymous said...

"Besides, in creating a "male studies" program, how are we now any different than those who participate in a "womens studies" program?"

Womens studies are:
Women good, man bad.

Male studies are (where already introduced):
Men bad, women good.

And the joke would be that only women/feminists would attend these studies and men would avoid them.

It would be another point in turning social sciences into bigger farce.

Tim said...

i am literally as left wing as they come but one thing i will always agree with the general 'conservative consensus' is that ___-studies programs are ridiculous, stupid, and a waste of resources and minds that could be learning something useful.

honestly at least just study history and choose the path of a certain ethnic peoples to be your particular field of interest.

in general any real intellectually honest leftist should be against 'useless degrees.' anyone on the left should support the idea that people need to be getting degrees in the sciences, engineering and mathematics in order to develop technology to improve the quality of life and move society forward. (im a math major personally)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:21 AM nailed it. Kudos!

Bike Bubba said...

Is "male studies" like that gal from Duke who released the Powerpoint file rating all of her one night stands?

(sorry, couldn't resist......)

Anonymous said...

Male studies is different than men's studies. Male studies is NOT influenced or a sub-set of women's studies.

As to the opinion of the author. Men can't solve these problems without properly understanding them.
It's already 40 years too late.

Anonymous said...

The point of male studies is that women's studies goes largely unchallenged. Technology and feminism have dramatically changed the culture and law of how men and women interact. The work of women's studies is used as the basis of framing new laws. When the women's studies department produce reports to show that 1 in 4 women are raped or that 95% of women are subject to domestic violence there is no men's or male studies department to refute the biased findings.

You may well think that what women's studies departments think is a joke, but it is used as the basis of government decisions.

Anonymous said...

I agree. "Male Studies" sounds like a lame attempt at gender parity.

The fact is:

The vast majority of all economic, cultural, and technological accomplishment is male studies.

Most of history is male studies.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 'male studies' is a topic greatly needed by both men and women. All of them need to learn a bunch of real-world skills that their dads failed to teach them -- how to use tools and guns; how to fix things, basic shop and carpentry skills, basics of gardening and farming, how to smoke and grill meat after you have killed it, skinned it, and butchered it, etc.