Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mandating Charts by Law in All Reuters Articles

Reuters reports "Housing Starts SURGE in January!"

Does this look like a $#$ing surge to you people at Reuters?

You shameless political shills.

I swear, when I am king there will be a law passed that forces all media reporting on the economy to provide the corresponding chart or link to a chart that shows the data.

File under "The Cancer is Spreading Less Slowly"


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if they used a different colored line so us folks out west could detect the noted "surge", we wouldn't have so much trouble seeing this surge for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cap... here are two links you may want ot check out.

JM said...

"All bleeding stops... eventually."

CBMTTek said...

If only.

Funny how putting things into historical perspective can make people who lie with statistics look like a fool.

Great graph. Too bad Reuters will never actually acknowledge it.

Anonymous said...