Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The End of Political Correctness

I believe as the economy continues to collapse and people's futures continue to look bleak, people will have no economic incentive any longer to be politically correct and will instead just start speaking the truth.

For example.

Hat tip.


Anonymous said...

That's tough, but also true.

Unfortunately, the women that need to hear it and adjust at age 30 or 35 wouldn't recognize it's aimed at them.

GW South said...

Reminds me of something that just happened. Met a girl at a happy hour a month ago who was there with a friend, arranged to go to a hockey game the next day that I had tickets for. Picked her up, went to the game, got a few drinks afterwards. Had a real good time, hit it off.

But when called her a few days later to see what she was up to the next weekend, was real flakey. Texted a few days later and no response. Wrote her off.

Fast forward to this last weekend and I see her friend in the bar, go up and talk to her and say hi, bring up the girl I went out with and I ask what happened.

Her friend said that she liked me, but my car wasn't nice enough. I drive a 2002 Toyota that my parents gave me. Never mind the fact that on the date I told her I had a couple job interviews coming up in the next while with a hedge fund and an investment bank. So I think I will have a very nice car in about 6 months time.

On the plus side, you don't want to get to know a girl who is that shallow of a person. So I do appreciate her not getting back to me.

Captain Capitalism said...

GW, I remember something similar. A gal set me up with her cousin. Went on the date, and this girl then tells me her cousin said I needed to get a better car.

I do believe this woman is still single at 35.

Anonymous said...

GW, be glad she only cost you one evening.
There was a former girlfriend I had back in high school. She fit the blog`s outlined description. Her best friend was much worse. She was the most selfish bitch (but quite good looking), I have ever met.
Well to make a long story short, both of these girls are still single. They also wait on tables. I recently heard their story from a 25 year reunion gathering.I was not at all surprised.

Anonymous said...

The odds of finding a well figured, good looking woman with common sense and depth of character are about the same as electing a politician with ethics and morals.

Anonymous said...

A good tip when looking for a prospective spouse, find out if they have any huge credit card debts. I met girls in their early 20s, that had big credit card debts.When someone is single, working, no car, and has no mortgage, a credit card debt load is inexcusable. This is a major red flag, which is telling you that this person is an irresponsible idiot. I guess this is my Scottish roots showing themselves. Personal money management, is a true reflection of someone`s character.
Later in life, a spouse with little fiscal prudence, will pay some big dividends.