Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dear Muslims, Thank You for Invading Sweden

They obviously have become a society with REALLY nothing better to do.


evilwhitemalempire said...

"Dear Muslims, Thank You for Invading Sweden"
Yes Muslims, thank you for fixing all the things that us white men have (collectively) become too weak to fix.

TroperA said...

Saw this in an article today:

A line attributed to Swedish “Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration, and Gender Equality” Jens Orback states, “We must be open and tolerant toward Islam and Muslims, for when we become the minority, so they will be so toward us.”

...oooorrrrr you could not let the foreign hordes take over your fucking country. Is that even a possibility you stupid squareheads?

Sweden is proof that Leftism is a suicide cult. Some enterprising businessman in Sweden could make a killing advertising cyanide-laced koolaid. I can see the commercials now:

"Are you white? Are you tired of waiting for Nature to take its course in purging the world of your pale, oppressive DNA? Need to relieve the white guilt your ideologically-driven college professors hammered into you? Well now there's new, Grape-flavored White-AWAY! The brand new product that guarantees that future generations will no longer have to put up with your patriarchal systems of caucasian oppression! One glass is all it takes! Drink White-AWAY today, and make the world a happier, swarthier, less shitlord-infested place tomorrow!"

RmaxPUA said...

Imagine a rating which rated how racist the game was against white supremacists

Thats how fucked up this rating system is ...

Passing that rating'll cause men to abandon gaming in droves

& any publisher or distributor stupid enough to adopt it'll get boycotted into oblivion

Fucking with games, is alot like fucking with a guys porn

All you're doing is kicking a hornets nest & creating an army of disenfranchised white guys

Anonymous said...

What has this got to do with Muslims? Seriously Aaron, I understand that multiculturalism has failed, but Muslims have nothing to do with sexism.

In fact, in many Muslim countries, women actually respect men, and not bully them, unlike the West, where women boss men around.

Last time I checked, it was "whitey" that let in all the mass hordes of immigrants into Europe. So blame the white man for all your careless mistakes, if you really want to play the game of divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the early morning laugh. If it wasn't so real it would be even more funny. Now I'll go cry.

kurt9 said...

“We must be open and tolerant toward Islam and Muslims, for when we become the minority, so they will be so toward us.”


If Muslim immigrants are viewed to be a future problem, then don't let them in in the first place! Or kick out the ones already in.

liberranter said...

an “innovation agency” funded by the Swedish government –

Um, does anyone else here see the oxymoronic irony in this line (I'm pretty sure no one in Sweden does)?

sth_txs said...

Max said...

I doubt it. Men will opt for the easy way either ignore the rating or get illegally. And since the consumer wishes stay the same, we will get the same games. Women are a minority on the console market. When it comes to mobile games of course, it is different.

Alex in Montana said...

About 75% or so of the Europeans are now eloi. They want to be eaten by the Morlocks (Muslims). The percentage is far lower in the US but watch carefully.

The knee jerk recognition of a Palestinian state recently shows zero knowledge of that area's last 150 years. I mean ZERO.

Both these two ideas are totally and utterly linked together.