Thursday, November 06, 2014

Viva Pinochet!

A warm fuzzies stories when a capitalist put a loud mouth leftist college student in her place.


Anonymous said...

I used to know some Chileans. They were glad Pinochet had been there, and glad he was gone.

Tenet said...

Good to hear. What people don't know: the socialist Allende won with a minority of votes, because the majority vote was split between the two conservative candidates. (There was no second round at that time.) Allende illegally took private industries for his own people to control, ruining the country's economy. People even lacked food, thus the "pots and pans" march of middle-class women (which feminists hate, and never mention). Demonstrators in the cities were viciously attacked by communist gangs. Shopkeepers were attacked, the people terrorized to pacify them - the usual preparations for a communist takeover.

When the communists (most of them non-Whites) were sentenced and imprisoned, Allende illegally let them out in the streets again. Thousands of times. The communist party trained guerrilla warfare in Cuba, and Cuban advisors, guns, ammo and explosives were smuggled in to Chile. It is known that people in the top of the government facilitated this - perhaps Allende himself.

Finally the Senate and the Supreme Court formally asked the military to remove the president, listing his many crimes in a long letter. General Pinochet carried out their request. The communist takeover was stopped. (Sometimes brutally? Yes, it's South America. And the communists had terrorized the people for years.) Allende committed suicide with his Soviet-made Kalashnikov.

Pinochet let a Nobel Prize-winning economist fix the economy. Under Pinochet, Chile prospered and continued to do so after him. He promised to only rule for a while and then step aside for democracy - which is exactly what he did.

Most Chileans LOVE Pinochet. Something the media hide from Westerners. The media and other leftists wanted Chile to become another communist dictatorship. The Chileans disagreed.

The only bad thing he did was send captured communists to Sweden. The traitorous social democrats had a government monopoly on schools, universities, radio and television up until the 1990s, and ruled in symbiosis with the LO labor union that by law could (and still can) force workers to sign their "collective agreement" by threatening boycotts of the businesses the workers worked in - but the social democrats still wanted to secure their power. They used communist immigrants from South America to boost their numbers, both in the voting booth and through crime. These communists made up part of the Left's footsoldiers in Sweden, attacking immigration critics while the media bosses hid their crimes. This process goes on to this day.

Anonymous said...

So, killing, torturing, silencing and persecuting people who disagree with you politically is okay when you're a Good Guy fighting the Good Fight?

I'm sure many a supporter of Communist mass murderers would agree.

-Red Knight

One Fat Oz Guy said...

All those people who criticise him gloss over the fact that Chile has one of the strongest economies in the region, yet Leftist leaders who bankrupt their countries are held up as examples to follow.
A bit like the comparison of one family who always has the latest car but not enough to eat, or the family that always eats but doesn't own the latest XBox.

Anonymous said...

Communist mass murderer Anon 3:54? Those terms are redundant.

Communism, Nazism and the other totalitarian ideologies are not political disagreements. They are attacks upon life itself and one must confront them with force, or die.

André said...

I'm brazilian and here we had our "Pinochet", Emílio Garrastazu Médici. Those years Brazil's GDP grow 15% a year and jumped from 49th to 8th biggest world economy. He also killed hundreds of commies, fuck yeah.

While that, in our great "democracy", we are in recession with 7% inflation, a lesbian commie in power and countless corruption scandals and election frauds.

I'm glad I'm hearing again talks about possibly another military coup here in my country. Militarism rules, democracy sucks.

Tupàn Ikatuhaw said...

Even though Mr Clarey never ceases to impress me with his genius insight on Economics, and his hilarious comments on Feminazis; I think he still has a lot to read up on Latin American history, and even an unbiased look on his own history.

I think that to be able to say something stupid like “Viva Pinochet”, first you would have to have a real Democracy, which two parties playing “musical chairs” for a hundred years is not. The 2000 presidential election in Florida was a proof of the corruption which goes on in US government which our puritan brothers from the North are not ready to accept. Apparently white people a brick house around a fireplace with baseball hats and cardigans are a family; but yet natives living in a tipi, using herbal medicine (and not giving money to the FDA), basically in harmony with Nature, is not. There in the US, even the black people are Christian, here in Brazil, we had the decency to let people follow their own religion, so we something called DIVERSITY of IDEAS, and are not as easily brainwashed by a media that makes you think Mafia Lords can appear in movies and newspapers and the police says: “we have no real evidence to convict them”; or that JFK was killed by a nobody, who was then killed days later on national television; or that Saddam really had nuclear weapons. kkkkkkkkkkkk

Allende didn't “take over” the Copper mines, which are part of 42% of Chile's GDP. It was a 3 stage process that started in the 50s and culminated in the creation of COMELCO, which apparently is not doing too bad to this day as you can see. The situation when yankee imperialism ran the show, would be the equivalent of invading the USA, taking over the silicon valley and Wall Street, and then boasting about it. To me an American who claps his hands at Pinochet after a reading an article like this, that talks about the coup on 9/11, would be the same thing as a Latino clapping his hands at Osama Bin Laden after reading an article about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. You are so defensive about your star spangled banner, how about respecting other people's flags? I mean, not even the “milicos” mercenaries that you hire seem to like you, because, Militaries in Chile didn't seem to think you gringos were doing such a good job on the mines, because you paid their salary, and no even like that did they give you back the mines. Do you want to know why Allende is still so popular to this day? Because he did something called Agrarian Reform, something no Democrat or Republican has ever heard of. Try googling it.

I bet the same source who told you Allende committed suicide, would say that Getúlio Vargas also killed himself (by shooting his own heart, of all places!), and Kurt Cobain also shot himself in the mouth with a shotgun, yeah right... So much depression in the world nowadays, right? The plague of the century for sure! LOL

Aren't you guys bored of killing First Nations, Latinos, Arabs and African Americans, why don't you try killing some Europeans instead, huh? They're the ones economically enslaving the USA. Instead you buy all this shit that thew spew out, instead of buying your own cars, fashion, which you worked so hard to become the best in the world in!!!

André, if you are so in favor of a US backed coup you should consider moving there (, a cradle of freedom where you can get fined for drinking beer on the street or urinating against a tree, just careful with the FEMA camps thou bro...

Go ahead, I'd rather be the Troll of the Weak than the Dwarf of Assholeshire!

“Zapata's blood, wasn't spilled in vain
So now the most poor, the most poor, the most poor
They make war, they make war”

Aldeia ReXiste

Anonymous said...

Okay, seems like I will have to revise my earlier comment.

So, killing, torturing, silencing and persecuting people who disagree with you politically is okay when you're a Good Guy fighting the Good Fight *and* making economic growth happen?

I'm sure many a supporter of Stalin would agree. When it comes to both persecuting his political opponents and making economic growth happen, Stalin is, well, Pinochet multiplied by a very large number.

-Red Knight

Anonymous said...

Tupan Ikatuhaw, you are a fool. We don't kill those you claim we do, there were more First Nations people at the end of the 19th Century than at the beginning of the colonial era, Brazil has been far more brutal to blacks, we risk our own lives rather than wage total war on Muslims, the 2000 election was legitimate, Latinos flourish here, Saddam had scores of chemical weapons, there was no 9/11 coup, and "agrarian reform" is mere codespeak for communist slavery. There are also no FEMA camps and public standards of behavior are set at state and local levels. Do you think public urination is a good thing? Get your own fucked up country in order before criticizing others. How about some of that respect you squawk about?

Tupàn Ikatuhaw said...

Oh hi Anonymous, I'm glad you could take your time off bullying Syria to reply. The people who were brutal to Blacks in Brazil were the Portuguese, we don't see ourselves as one and the same as our colonizers, as it seems to be this weird relationship the U.S. has with English, are sure you guys are really independent? I don't know what I should really respect you guys for, maybe for the ecological terrorism that has just occurred by Vale in Mariana-MG (which everyone thinks is a Brazilian company but really isn't), or should I respect the fact that the CIA has been trying to debunk our president for the last year in order to steal our pre-salt petrol?