Sunday, November 23, 2014

History Podcast Treasure Trove Discovered

And now I have what seems to be at least week's worth of brand new listening material!


Jeff Wood said...

Thanks for that, Aaron. Duly bookmarked.

When they care to, the BBC can do very well. Just beware of what they have to say about subjects which are PC-sensitive, or involve alleged global warming.

I regularly listen in to In Our Time, a reasonably intelligent series with a wide remit:

Anonyymi ja sen synonyymi said...

Damn, I must check this show out ASAP.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is also a great podcast series if you're interested about history. He's a talented storyteller and his ability to create cohesive narratives puts 90% of history teachers to shame.

I also just bought "Worthless", "Enjoy the Decline" and "Bachelor Pad Economics" to thank you for all the great content you've created, edited and uploaded to the internet through the years.