Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Opinion on Shirtgate



melmoth said...

Two things I want to add to shirtgate

--The shirt was pedestalizing female beauty anyway, not degrading it.

--If feminists have to hunt, scavenge, and scrounge their way to such an obscure niche to find something to be angry about, isn't it time to acknowledge that the time for anger has passed? If it's so hard to find something to justify their anger, maybe they shouldn't be angry anymore? (Oh, ha..ha...wheww..ha, ha...HA..ohh, man..that's funny..oh, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. They're just about to acknowledge how good they have it, sure. HA HA HA HA..Yeah right.)

Anonymous said...

Bad: man wearing shirt with cartoon mages of women on provocative clothes. Offensive, oppressive and part of that patriarchy's plot to keep barefoot and pregnant.

Good: flesh and blood women in provocative clothes marching in Slutwalk parades to declare their right to dress in provocative clothes at any time and place of their choosing. This is brave, empowering and speaking truth to power.

When I see and consider this type of BS all around us I not only agree with the Capatins doomsday outlook, I'd say he is an optimist.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is at least one woman who has a windfall from his oppressive and offensive shirt:


"The Matt Taylor Astronaut fabric is being reprinted. Please have patience. It will take about 8 weeks and then I can make the 400 shirts that have been ordered. I can't answer all the emails I've gotten. There are hundreds...Thanks for your patience. I'll put up another notice when I know more. Thanks....Judi"

Capitalism is misogynistic.

Now, back to my rye....
cheers cappy