Thursday, November 13, 2014

Episode #71 of The Clarey Podcast

When girls say, "they say." Who is "they" and why should I listen to them?
How Giada is the founder of "They Say"
A review of the movie "Interstellar" where (surprise, surprise) the one black astronaut dies
The psychology and economics of the phone sex operator industry
50% are posers who abuse the Manosphere
Cappy receives a "mysterious" $100 donation
Troll of the Weak exposes how people really do have mental illnesses
Menstrual painting is all too common
73 year old "drama teacher" busted for porn past


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Anonymous said...

Almost all the people in Interstellar die, not just the black guy.

Observasaurus Rex said...

Why is the race of the survivors still important in this day and age? There were 5 astronauts, and all but two died. They can't kill the girl because vagina, and can't kill the lead for the story, but they can kill all the supporting cast and most similar films will. If it makes you feel better at least he wasn't the "magic negro" trope. The guy was basically as useless as the other dead white guys. He didn't find any new data, or save anyone, or do anything but get blown up. Just like the guy who died on the water planet--no significant contributions, just a body to give the audience to build intensity.

At some point people have to start to realise that having the story treat a character in a certain way because of the actors race is sure fire way to ruin a movie. In fact, if this sort of thinking really gets into Hollywood's head, then minorities will be DENIED roles where they die or act evil because the studio will be afraid to offend someone. I say let the studios kill/maim/evilify any actor who wants and can do the job. If the story calls for a female-black- gay-wheel chair bound--transsexual-democrat to be the evil mastermind behind the killing of puppies, and to be thrown into a volcano at the end, then so be it. Don't force Hollywood to change all such characters to white, cis, hetero, males.

melmoth said...

Add Eva Longoria's 'Empowering' Steakhhouses to your (endless) list of examples.

You know, traditional steakhouses were misogynistic. You know...the tables..and the steaks..the plates...all chauvinistic.

Her steak restaurants are made to empower women. No kidding.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh for fucks sake.


You guys are going to get technical on "the black guy dying" WHICH I"M 100% right about and criticize that.

Fucking christ. Correct my grammar and typos while you're at it.


Anonymous said...

So I assume that men diagnosed with bipolar disorder actually have it, since you can't just ridicule them for being hysterical females.

evilwhitemalempire said...

After having listened to your podcast it's quite clear that you have much to learn about MGTOW.
You're welcome.