Thursday, November 20, 2014

Racism in the Minneapolis Public Schools

But it's against whites, so it's OK.

Seriously, if you are a parent of a child and live in Minneapolis



Anonymous said...

Oh, you don't have to get out of Minneapolis.

Just take the double-whammy of paying for the (outrageous) taxes that are required for the $11,000 per year per student government schools, and then cough up the tuition for the private school you'll actually send your kid to attend. Or prepare for the ostracism from your neighbors if you dare to actually TEACH your kids something by home-schooling them.

Minneapolis has a "minority" population of around 10%, but the government schools now have a "majority-minority" student population. Hmm. Where are all of those white kids? Let me think about that one.

Basically, if you're a responsible parent, leaving your kids in a government school is tantamount to child abuse.

Anonymous said...

They do the same things with women in STEM: we need more, we'll mark them up.
There were two women in my engineering classes, BOTH had scholarships, one got the Women in Engineering one, the other got one of two that was meant for the top two performers. The people awarding the two thought that the two scholarships should be gender balanced.
Neither of those girls did very well, both got lots of help from Beta orbiters, both got their pick of jobs, neither graduated with Honours (a sign of high marks).
Well done equality.

Kristophr said...


If you can afford to homeschool, get a job in the Bakken oil field, or abroad where living expenses are lower.

( an expat ESL teacher position for anyone who screwed up and got an English degree is easy to get ... and you can make serious { $140k plus per year } money teaching English in the Arab gulf states ).