Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Benefit of the 67% Dead Club

Many of you care/cared about this midterm election of 2014.

I didn't.

And this was the first election I truly didn't care about.

Want to know why?

I'm already dead Blythe.  67% dead to be precise.

Like my stepdad who is about 90%, I also realized that I am on the opposite side of 50%.  My family's genetics is not that great.  Nearly every male has died of cancer, alcoholism or stroke, and if any of us Clarey's make it past 60 it's a god damned miracle. And thus at 40, I'm 67% dead.

This permits me a huge amount of levity, freedom, and intellectual honesty because I no longer have to care.  Naturally, the fact I have no children allows me this levity, but in the end, it is a benefit.  My time on this planet is for the majority, over.  And since I have no children I have no long term vested interest in it or what happens to it.  So I'm allowed the precious gift of merely watching it without the attachment or concern that most of you other people have to it.

I enjoy people suffering.
I enjoy people suffering their mistakes.
I enjoy watching the limitless single moms and dead beat dads of my generation try to scramble and salvage their lives that are beyond repair as they live vicariously through their underperforming children.
I enjoy the liberal arts majors PANICALLY realizing their financial lives are fucked.

It's great!  I cannot think of a better, more poetic justice and gift that life could grant me.  

But the issue is simply this.  How many of you are part of the "50%+ Dead" crowd?

You see, I know a lot of you still hold on, still believe, still hope that western civilization will recoup, recover, and hopefully repopulate this country and other European countries, to bring back some kind of "glorious" industrial empire era of revitalization, but it isn't going to happen.  This one awesome, incredible, TRULY "miracle" of western civilization will be a mere blip in the grand scheme of human history as the savages and ideologues and religious fanatics out-populate us and your (beloved) children.  It's merely a fact, it's merely a consequence, it's merely an actuarial reality. 

But, while you're here and there's nothing you can do about it.  Why don't you at least permit yourselves the favor of enjoying the decline?

Seriously, if you're already half dead, I think you're in the clear.  The United Sates is still strong enough to last another 40 years or so because of the herculean efforts of the WWII generation. And before we get too down on ourselves, let us remind ourselves that most of the world is nowhere near as grand as we are.  China may be growing, Russia may be invading, but in the end, both countries are incredibly corrupt and therefore their currencies flawed.  In short, the US dollar will not suffer a "quick death," but rather an elongated one that you can (hopefully) more or less "bank on."

It's the younger generations that have to worry as they're the ones that are going to be left with the bag.  My non-fellow baby boomers will die in 10 years.  I'll be dead in 20.  But that's only after we've collected TRILLIONS in social security and medicare from their naive asses. And for once I'll grant the baby boomers a bit of forgiveness.  It was the Millennials that voted Obama in twice.  It was them who were pro-socialism.

I say take advantage of them!

They voted to give you more money at their naive expense. You might as well take it.

Ergo, it's great to be 67% dead.  You lived a great life in a great country, with standards of living supplicated and inflated due to government borrowing.  The brilliance is that the youth voted it upon themselves and will pay for our mistakes and their ignorance.

Enjoy that decline people.  Enjoy that freaking decline!


Anonymous said...

My family genetics aren't much better than yours. If I go at 65, I'm currently 83% dead. Time for me to enjoy the decline and laugh at the leftist idiots with whom I work.

Anonymous said...

And the best part is that no amount of talk will wake them up.

Faithless Cynic said...

67% dead? Not so fast Mon Capitan! A decent diet and some carefully chosen supplements can greatly extend the healthy part of your life. For example, a daily dose of selenium will cut your cancer risk by 25%. How come you have not heard that in the Lame stream media? Simple, they want to treat your cancer for a profit. Diabetes can be controlled without drugs using a high protein, high fat, very low carb diet ( Atkins ) yet, Doctors are now pushing more carbs and drugs on diabetics. Create or worsen the problem to make a profit off your ill health. At age 60, I developed a serious prostate problem. I cured my own problem by taking extra zinc. The site doctoryourself.com is a great resource.

Anonymous said...

Love the BOB quotes.

leeholsen said...

i chose the 2012 election to prove to me that the country i thought the usa was, isnt anymore; if obama could be voted in twice; my mindset is in the minority; and he was; so i'm committed the the usa and west is in permanet "decline".

i've been jealous of my grandfather, who lived from the 1920s to 2001. he lived while the usa became an empire and got to travel by car and plane most of his adult life and checked out right before 9-11 and all the political correct nonsense, liberalism run amock and a govt turning into a monster. although he lived thru WW2 and the depression; the usa back them pulled together rather than split apart facing tough times as its doing now.

those of us that are 1/2way to death will get to watch some of the unraveling and its not going to be pretty and i don't think i can stay drunk all the way thru it.

daniel_ream said...

All my grandparents lived to at least 88. I haven't even hit 50% yet and I'm already feeling the ravages of age.

Anonymous said...

Your perspective on life is so entertaining. Keep up the good work. This site has been a daily go-to site for me for a while now.

Anonymous said...

And thats why at age 22 I plan to adopt the S&W retirement plan by age 50. I don't care about my fellow gen Y-ers im pissed that I was not born into the silent gen so im giving the world the biggest fuck you ever.

Matt said...

I was raised to believe that voting is your moral and civic responsibility

I didn't vote today.

I didn't vote because I live in California and every sane, level-headed politician or ballot measure will lose by at least 10 points.

Why waste my time? If anything, I should go vote for the Socialists to increase the speed of California's death. Maybe that will serve as a warning to the rest of the country (I doubt it).

I'll be enjoying the decline instead.

Speaking of which, I've got to get the hell out of California.

Robert What? said...

I'm way passed 50% under the best of circs. However unlike you I have the worry of the dismal country / world my son will have to live in.

Anonymous said...

I like you Cap, but that's one depressingly cynical outlook.

Captain Capitalism said...

Sucks to be you Robert. Should have thought about that before breeding a child into this world.

Jamie NZ said...

Cap: Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see???

Manosphere: I see Junior...

Cap: You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see...
I see pride!!!
I see power!!!
I see a bad-ass motha who don't take no crap off of nobody!!!

Robert What? said...

True dat, Cap'n. But I blame you. Where were you when I got married all those years ago?

But seriously, up until I found your site and others in the 'sphere a couple of years ago, I was a White-Knight-Beta extrordinaire totally embracing the FI. I coulda been a contender for CH's "Beta of the Month Award".

RevLifestyleDesign said...

Probably 40% based on my family's genetics but enough to get me motivated.

Our society fears death because we've destroyed our myths and beliefs and replaced them with dialectical materialism. We have no rituals for it and its never spoken about. All we have is the cult of health. I say, fuck living to 80, 80 year olds look fucking terrible.

Fuck voting too, refuse to choose a master. Politics is like sports, distractions for the proles and decided by a handful of decision makers. Your vote does not and will not ever count.

Tom de Plume said...

Now Cappy Cap, don't be too hard on us breeders.

Your writings have enabled me to look on the bright side of the fact that both of my twenty something's appear to be good li'l Obamunists. Hey, if they want to put their faith in the government taking care of their needs, I hope it works out well for them.

Now excuse me while I go spend their inheritance and any other money I would have used to support them.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you are thinking.

It reminds me of stoicism.

Desiderius said...

"This one awesome, incredible, TRULY 'miracle' of western civilization will be a mere blip in the grand scheme of human history as the savages and ideologues and religious fanatics out-populate us and your (beloved) children. It's merely a fact, it's merely a consequence, it's merely an actuarial reality."

Nah, brah, what you're missing is you're not dealing with just human history here, but Life itself, and Life is one absolutely ruthless motherfucker.

When did Life first make it off of this planet? Western Civ did it. When there are a million planets, Life will still not forget THAT day, and I'm crazy enough to believe it won't forget the religious event that happened so concurrently with that day either, in the grand stretch of time.

His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Being that I'm 60 now I'm well beyond that "50%". Maybe 75% or 80%. Factor in the fact that my genealogy also isn't the greatest in the world as well.
Is it so much schadenfreude on your part concerning the choices of others, or is it the fact that a lot of these hard-headed people would never listen to good advice in the first place anyway and still "do as they see fit"?

Anonymous said...

I like your style but more I like the sense you talk.
My family has shocking hayfever- symptoms that sound like you sound on you podcasts.
Fuck - I sound like a wanker but getting rid of histamines and amines in what we eat and taking specific probiotics that help get rid of histamines has helped. (now you can short allergy/hayfever med's in Australia because we don't buy fuckloads of them anymore).

Yeah, I do that crap because we have kids but there's not many of you contrarian thinkers out there- you may not have breeder value but you have scarcity value.

Ron said...

The saddest thing about this is that you would be a great dad.

Girls, you need to harem up this man.

Captain Capitalism said...

Ron, I would make a great dad. Too bad even with a good wife there's no way I'd bring a child into this world.

Anonymous said...

what if the liberal arts major paid for his degree up front, without loans?

Anonymous said...

Bob Smith says:

Nicely said. And most likely true.

I'm about 85% dead. But I am an optimist.

There are realistic solutions to the fate of mankind. Here is what needs to be done.

The murder cult called Islam needs to be eliminated.

Politicians need to be limited to one term in office.

Governments cannot spend more money than the taxes they collect.

Governments cannot give "free stuff" of any kind to the population.

I doubt I can get any agreement on this. But I did say I was an optimist.