Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cappy Gets "Strike #1" on His YouTube Channel...Again

You can't make it up, but again, this is why I have a back up account at Daily Motion. 

I have received my SECOND strike from YouTube about a video it found violated its speech codes.  Just two minor problems.

It's technically a FIRST strike because they rescinded my original first strike on "Inferior vs. Superior People."

AND (here's the good stuff)

This second strike is on THE EXACT SAME VIDEO THE FIRST STRIKE WAS ON - "Inferior vs. Superior People."

I've appealed the strike...again...but just a reminder that if YouTube proves too difficult to use as a platform I will be going over to Daily Motion.  And certainly feel free to file complaints with YouTube.  The video they're referring to is quite the OPPOSITE of what they think it is.


Adam Lawson said...

Google = YouTube = SJWs.

SJWs always lie.

If I had the time and resources I think I'd start an SJW-free YT clone. The voat to YT's reddit. Probably would end up making money doing it.

Cecil Henry said...

This censorship is insane and disgusting.

There are millions of YOutube videos. If you don't like one of them, don;t watch it!!

Once again free speech is sacrificed to someone's agenda for hate speech.

Anonymous said...

Other YouTube channels have come under this kind of attack, and so have websites. You are in good company.

Anonymous said...

1. Will you be posting that video in another place so we can still watch it?

2. Have you considered moving your videos to the domain?

Anonymous said...

The problem is you're not posting about the inane bullshit that makes big money on YouTube.

Look at this shit; it will make you sick:

And yeah, I'm fucking jealous. I'd like to make $1M+ a year as a grown man playing with fucking Play-Doh.

I listened to some of this shit, and it's amazing how unenthusiastic the people are in their videos...

TubeSharkTV said...