Monday, August 17, 2015

Proof Young Ole Cappy Had a Heart

A friend of mine started posting pictures from a NYE 2000 party I was graciously invited to.  This was of course 15 years ago and in 15 years your forget a little bit of who you were, what you were, and start to question the beliefs you hold today.

This is of concern to me as it makes me think...

"Was it really that bad?"
"Did I really play my cards right?"
"Perhaps I screwed up and I've been wrong this entire time?"

In short, I question myself and my actions in the past as any erroneous thought back then would lead to an ill-informed and erroneous philosophy today.

Perhaps I was in the wrong.
Perhaps I didn't play my cards right.
Perhaps I was indeed a loser and just didn't realize it till now.

But then I saw this picture and one thing jumped out at me and consequently jumped my memory.

Her corsage.

I remember back when I was young I would buy my dates corsages if I liked them in particular and made it to the 3rd or 4th date.  I would also take them out on dates that would warrant a corsage and my usage of a tuxedo.  In this particular instance I remember BEING EMBARRASSED because my date had no straps on her dress and we had to pin her corsage to her side.  But I still had the consideration to purchase her a corsage.

Now, I ask you this ladies.

When's the last time a guy bought you a corsage for a date?

That's right.  NEVER.

So in hindsight, and with the use of this picture, I don't ever want to hear American women again about "where the good men are" or "why can't they find a man," because I have empirical proof they did exist, even if they themselves forgot about it.  You shot them down, you fucked them over, you stood them up, so much so the entire CONCEPT of buying a date a corsage was not only abandoned but completely forgotten that it ever took place in a man's life.

So, in summary,

Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you

You enjoy that decline ladies.  You've earned it.


Arsal Khan said...

You don't even shown any signs of aging even with all the wisdom Mr. C!!!

Arsal Khan said...

You don't even show any signs of aging even with all that wisdom Mr. C

Father Thyme said...

Ah, I remember the days! (I'm 10 years older than you.) So much for proving how strong of a provider you can be; now Big ɹǝɥʇoɹq Mama ensures a woman's comfort.

Suffrage causes sufferage. ;)

Glen Filthie said...


Aw, man...HAR HAR HAR!!!

Cap, formality like that is not a date. Formal occasions like that are a fuggin DRAG. No wonder you suck with women! And...a mental note for Captain Yesteryear...most women don't wear corsages, corsets and gloves anymore either!

Ladies I think it was Uncle Bob who said it best: if you are wondering where all the good men have gone - well, they've gone nowhere. They're right where you parked them back in the 80's!

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah.... NYE 2000.... I was a senior in college. Little did I know that when I was thrust into the real world 6 months later that the vast majority of my education would be rendered moot!

Anonymous said...

Well this sounds like a bit of a drunken rant.

Can't disagree with what you wrote though. Enjoy the decline indeed!

Anonymous said...

36 years old.

never had a girl friend.

cried my eyes out when I was 18.

couldn't care less now. :-P

Bike Bubba said...

Thinking back on my youthful experience, it's worth noting that the shortest relationships I've had--one date or less--are when I sent flowers on or before the first date. It is as if the ladies I knew back then before Mrs. Bubba were telling me "let the girl send a signal before you send yours."

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were really young back then Aaron. So I have to ask Aaron, were you like the way you are today (asshole consulting angry man)or were you Mr nice guy back then?

Anonymous said...

Cappy, where's the amazon banner? In your older podcasts you talk about an Amazon link.

Romsey said...

I notice you have what Rossiy of Chateau Heartiste would class as that "Alpha grin" in the photo - I assume this was during your investment banker days.

Jay said...

Cappy, where is the Amazon link that you mention in your older podcasts?
Best wishes!

Survivorman said...

I've been known (in the dim past) to bring a 1st date a single long stem red rose.

Last time that happened was circa ~2004.

Never again.

Anonymous said...

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