Friday, August 14, 2015

Episode #105 of The Clarey Podcast 8-14-15

Whining about driving in a Corvette
"There's always a gun on my desk"
Capitalism vs. Socialism in terms of Logical Proofs
Running to the airport makes you manly
Coke commercials and the sheeple
Cappy's Global Domination (and world's first trillionaire) Plan
The Goldfinger theme song to be redone as "Cappyfinger"
60 years of the same medicine has not helped the black community


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Kristophr said...

Howard Hughes was in the four comma club decades ago.

There are a half dozen folks in that club today, but they don't talk to Forbes magazine.

Kristophr said...

Oh, and I'm one of those 50+ fucks who drives a Caddie.

A 95 to 02 Eldo is a cheap, reliable, comfy, and nearly perfect long distance highway machine.

Alex from Australia said...

Hey Cappy,
you want to capture the idiot market, there is a life coach/inspirational speaker/Tony Robbins wannabe/scumbag that I am in an internet spat war with who you can emulate. The guys name is Gerald Rogers. He came on my radar when he wrote a manifesto of 20 things he would do different in his previous marriage. The sappiest shit ever. Bernard Chapin made fun of him in one of his videos (link: The guy sucks up to the bottom of the barrel worthless societal scum and makes money off of them. Here is this deadshit's facebook profile for your research(link:

heresolong said...

I find it hard to believe that you only have 3,000 podcast listeners. That seems low. Maybe because I have been listening to you so long that it's just a part of my routine. Does that include people who listen vie some sort of podcast app like Beyondpod or is that just people who download the episodes? Just curious.

Also, is there a magic number where if you can get that many listeners it then grows itself just through exposure and inertia? Just curious whether it's worth your effort to push this part of your media empire more.