Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Return of Cappy Linkage

Yes, it's because of "Evil Republicans" that your tuition is so high.  Not worthless, bloated, leftist burueacracy.

This is what happens when you can't do math, no matter how pretty you are and how socialist you are.

Dr. Helen suggests a book I may have to look at later.

The "Structure and Genius of ISIS"

This is why I respect engineers infinitely more than their sociologist counterparts.

Chris Bechtloff is HILARIOUS and on fire in his latest podcast. Warning, incredibly foul (but hilarious) statements, some I don't even agree with, but was just rolling.

Posts, podcasts, and general vitriol will return to normal levels since I have returned.

ALSO PODCAST NOTE - Seems EVERYBODY did follow my advice and start downloading the podcasts in anticipation of me archiving them.  However, we ate up my monthly allotment of bandwidth (which is pretty awesome).  I think it reset on the 8-1-15, so you can continue downloading, but I wanted to say thank you, I'm now ranked consistently (albeit artificially) #1 or #2 in Podomatic's ranking for conservative radio.

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Anonymous said...

Berkeley University - Game Of Thrones class. I hope there's a Stargate-SG1 class somewhere...