Thursday, August 06, 2015

Why Can't I Find a Maaaaaan????

I'm going to leave this post up here for several important reasons.

1.  To remind everyone that discrimination against males (and whites) exists and that it is not a "joke" or conspiracy theory.
2.  To remind you ladies that you have a choice.  Like men or hate them.  Very simple.
3.  To remind you men that it is not worth risking your life, labor, capital or time helping or aiding stranger women you don't know, and that you should ONLY help women in your life you love and cherish.  No one else.
4.  To remind women who were either like these women in your youth or are like them today so when they ask "where have all the good men gone" they'll have an answer.
5.  To remind young college age and 20 something men that, no, there's nothing wrong with you.  It's really them.

and finally

6.  To remind men that leftists, democrats, and socialists hate you.

Story here.


Anonymous said...

I'm at a complete loss for words here. I'd walk up to that table and be like "go ahead, slap me - then I'll get your dumbass arrested for assault."

Carl said...

They are both fugly. Why does that not surprise me?

Anonymous said...

"To remind men that leftists, democrats, REPUBLICANS, and socialists hate you."

You missed something big.

Anonymous said...

Why is not clear to everyone that women sell themselves expensively, no matter how insignificant things they do:
If they sell sex, they charge a universal expensive rate, even if you live in America or Eastern Europe. Some chicks even advice each other to charge for time, doesn't matter that the blowjob is shit and client not satisfied.;
Those who teach anything privately charge the same rates as prostitutes. Now I just found a meetup group from a woman touring the world, teaching people what orgasm is... fuck, I didnt know someone has to teach me.

Woman, though art God!!!!

wongoloid said...

The one on the right looks like Tony Soprano.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the one with glasses on has been slapped plenty already.

Anonymous said...

They both look like dudes

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of equality, I will slap them back.

I think it's time to treat the culture war like an actual war and start shooting the enemy soldiers.

Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

On the sign thing:

"Do dumb fucking diseased cunts get free slaps too?" Commence "Shit Eating Grin" and walk before their overloaded micro brains are able to fully process.

Shrimp said...

@ Anon: There's fine print at the bottom of the sign saying you have to sign a consent form. Guaranteed that the consent form waives the right to sue, and acknowledges the slap does not constitute "assault" or something like that. It better. They'd be a special kind of stupid to have you sign a consent form to be physically hit but not protect themselves from the civil/legal ramifications of that.

They're stupid, no doubt. But I don't think they're that stupid.

And as for the post title, I don't the two "Ladies" are at all concerned with finding a man....
Just saying.

Angus McThag said...

@ Shrimp: then it's not actually free, sue them for false advertising!

Unknown said...

Every feminist I've met has been fugly.

Anonymous said...

That's completely and utterly disgusting.

Do these stupid cunts (sorry, but if the shoe fits) not realize that what they are accomplishing is, in effect, making life harder for WOMEN??

Women like this are the reason that I have to practically lick my husband's sneakers in perpetuity to prove to his folks that I am not a gold-digging, back-stabbing, feminazi bitch.

I hope they rot in Hell. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Even if a guy signed a form consenting to the slap, can't the guy (for whatever reason) retroactively take the consent back, or yell "no" right before the slap takes place?

leeholsen said...

my mom actually said to me, because i have not tried to get a steady woman for a while now and have declined every one of her setups; that i have some great freedoms.

why any guy would put up with the typical woman of today unless he feels an obligations to give his parents grandchildren when todays woman will drop her panties so easily; i do not know.

imo, women and blacks got screwed by liberalism worse than the white male ever will.

Anonymous said...

I carry a .45 Glock.




Please slap me. Watch what happens.

HawkMan said...

@lee - How did liberalism screw over blacks & women?

SM777 said...

Joe, perhaps this can answer your question:

Gunny said...

These cunts were shit out of Obama's ugly ass.