Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Huntington Park, Democrats, and Illegal Immigration

A question democrats who are AGAINST illegal immigration have to ask themselves is if we're not going to bother defending the sovereignty of this nation, then why have a nation at all?

Never mind, just enjoy the decline.


sth_txs said...

I can't say the Republicans as a party are better on illegal immigration though the constituency is against it.

These leftards are scary; since most Latinos vote for more socialist stupidity, they want them here to create their new utopia of free crap for every body while they live in their mostly white gated communities.

Anonymous said...


Please watch this video. Thanks.


forest grump said...

the politicians in both partys want Illegal alliens. The GOP establishment is beholden to the chamber of commerce and manufacturers like the koch brothers want them here because they are cheap labor. The democrats want them because they are very open to socialistic government , like they were used to back home. They also vote democratic and many are clients for the welfare and social services beauracuracy. They also give a certian anti white raceist part of the left the tingles because, well, they are minorites.
the whole reason for trump's strong showing is that he is the only candidate who even sees illegal immigration as a problem. none of the rest of the GOP field will even give the issue lip service. The money and power brokers in th republican party have forbidden it.

Anonymous said...

An aggressive bully woman is not sentenced:

While a man who fondles a woman's foot is sentenced:


Anonymous said...

Borders, language, culture. all three must be common and recognized in order to have a nation.

Anonymous said...

Well not so fast here Cappy Caps.
Put your analytical mind to this troubling dilemma:
If this nation had a nation, could it be made to so focus on supporting ours?
Oh, look, a hungry bird!

Anonymous said...

Can you comment on the David Simon video above that someone shared above? Thank you.

Captain Capitalism said...

I could but that would take time and money.

Anonymous said...

The name of the city is Huntington Park, CA.

Anonymous said...

Republican Reagan Worshipers Must Remember...

...who signed the last amnesty bill?

Try to spin that one Dittoheads!