Friday, December 16, 2016

Review of Rogue One

From one of our Agents in the Field:


Unknown said...

Interesting, I appreciate the honesty, but I still won't give disney my money.

YIH said...
Short version; boring, sucks, SJW, feminized Disney crap.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Still not seeing it in the cinema.

Saw a review of it by an SJW lesbian who was writing about how people should Boycott for the right reasons:
Silly story line
A whole movie to fill in a plot line in the original movie
Armoured stormtroopers who die getting hit by blunt sticks in one blow
That Disney is saturating the series.
But not because it's like the last 10 seasons of Criminal Minds (where the serial killers have been white males more than 95% of the time)

daniel_ream said...


Anyone who missed the blatant attempt to cast the Rebellion as ISIS and the Empire as the occupying US military in the Middle East is either blind or not paying attention.

Do. Not. See. This. Garbage.

Anonymous said...

review still doesn't change the fact that the people making it hate most of the former fans.

I don't care if they aren't as aggressive in their signaling, they have come out and essentially stated they hate white people and they hate anyone on the right.

if you give them your money you are retarded.


Anonymous said...

"Outside of one short scene where the 120 pound girl beats up a couple of storm troopers,"

So much for the willing suspension of disbelief. I've noticed that women characters beating up larger men in action movies are always products of male writers and directors. Anyone who has had any real experience with martial arts and training women to protect themselves (get a gun!) know what a ridiculous notion this is. My theory is that beta males raised by a single mother fetishize powerful violent or protective women. As for the rest of the movie, one of the writers has already made it clear that the evil Empire is a white supremacist organization. So in a rich universe of hundreds of alien species, they made the bad guys into run of the mill Nazis. Unoriginality, thy name is Starwars.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Oddly enough, Forest Whitaker starred in a Criminal Minds spin off that failed.
I guess having a black guy leading a diverse team including sassy women hunting white men doesn't translate into ratings.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut to the chase - it's too long, it's boring, it lacks humor, it has no heart, and it is a completely two dimensional lead-in to the brilliance of the original Star Wars movie that follows it. If you want some action, and want to know how the Death Star plans came into the hands of the Rebellion, go see it. Otherwise it's a waste of time and money.

98abaile said...

I actually wanted to see it anyway, I just never intended to pay for it. Thankfully I've seen the spoilers and know that the first 2 acts are pretty boring anyway and the last act is basically just pure empire porn and all the diversity getting "rekt". Looking forward to a decent blu ray rip in the future.

Max said...

Saw it and liked it. Didn't care for the diversity bullsh*t one bit. I found that Jen was much more likable than Rey!
Best star wars since episode 5.

If you want to nitpick racial stuff then it's that all Rebel grunts are brownish and the fighter pilots are mostly white. That might be racist... Is flying too complex for brown people 😉

One Fat Oz Guy said...

I heard the new girl was going to survive, maybe they were going to freeze her in Carbonite and thaw her out for Episode 8 so she and Rey can take on the Empire all by themselves.
They could even have them be lesbians.