Sunday, December 18, 2016

All Management Degrees are Bullshit

I forgot "Sports Management."  Damnit!

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Tucanae Services said...

Cap, you asked how the DoD academies pull off what they do. I'll give it to you dialog style, US Navy --

[Captain] Welcome aboard ltg.
[ltg] Thank you Sir.
[Captain] At ease lt. You see these two men here?
[ltg] Yes Sir.
[Captain] The one on the left is Hicks CoB (Chief of Boat). Right Rodgers, ECM SC (Section Chief). If CoB gives an order you repeat it. Only two officers on this boat can countermand his orders, me and the XO. Got that?
[ltg] Yes Sir.
[Captain] Rodgers is assigned to you, and ECM is your responsibility. Till further notice Rodgers runs the show down there. Got that?
[ltg] Yes Sir.
[Captain] Stick to these two and you might learn something. But by all that is holy, don't go where you don't belong. I don't want to be filing paper work and and explaining to CNO how you got your sorry ass sucked down a turbine intake and spit out like so much chum over the north atlantic. You are dismissed mister.

Naval Academy midshipmen/women serve tours on ship during academic breaks. So these graduates have on-deck experience before they graduate. I would expect that the other service branches do the same.