Thursday, December 22, 2016

Capitalism is Not Optional

It is human nature, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can capitalize on this fact and dramatically increase every one's standard of living.


Vader999 said...

The problem is, capitalism isn't what it used to be.

My grandfather is what you'd call an old-school capitalist. Works hard, had a great ambition, worked to the point where when I grew up, me and my cousins lived like kings because of our family's hard work. That was capitalism as you'd think it-skill and hard work leads to greater profits and greater quality of life. He impressed upon me the values of hard work and he's half the reason why I'm not a socialist.

But in society today, capitalism as you know it is dead. When people like the Pope criticizes "capitalism", it isn't the capitalism you knew. It's the capitalism that exists today: selling broken gadgets on purpose to make you come back next year for another. Trying to get idiots to buy more than they need for "savings". And the way to get yourself promoted? Skill? Innovation? Initiative? Fuck no, it's ass-kissing. Not SJW enough? Not submissive enough? Then fuck you and your skills, they'll hire some unskilled chump who sticks to the party line even as the company crashes and burns.

The most visual example to me about this is the video game industry. Right now, almost everyone outside of Nintendo is practically bleeding themselves, yet there was no reason why they should be. Each of the big players hold many properties that can make money hand over fist. Companies like Microsoft owns lesser companies like Rare and Lionheart which could make them a fortune. Machines like Sony's Playstation 4 has the potential to create wonderful new worlds with stunning graphics.

And yet what do we get? Games like Order 1886 which cost a fortune to make and buy, but whose best parts can be seen on Youtube for free while the actual buyer spends the game looking at things and playing a cliche cover-based shooter. Games like Halo 5 which screwed over the story and didn't deliver of the premise. Games like Destiny which became repetitive real fast. Companies like Microsoft make games that nobody wants, while many of those who have real talent are off someplace else, roaming the internet as modders. Even Nintendo, which was supposed to be a bastion for gamers, is just resting on their laurels remaking old games again and again, as if people hadn't played Ocarina of Time enough.

All the qualities that made capitalism great-innovation, initiative, skill, hard work, are all qualities that won't get you anywhere in the modern corporate system. Innovate and you'll be blasted for not falling in line with protocol. Show off skills and you'll be seen as a braggart and a trouble for the other employees. Initiative? Who told you to do something you weren't told?

That's why when the Pope opens his mouth about how capitalism has created a culture of greed, I as a capitalist can't help but shrug and agree with him. The capitalism of the past that engendered hard work is dead and buried. The capitalism of today that promotes greed and consumerist materialism is a joke. The Pope isn't attacking the system that made my family rich, he's attacking the carcass of its bloated impostor that gives the socialists all the ammo they need. Heck, many top businessmen in this country give out large sums of campaign funds to the Democrats. So it's kinda funny to me that right-wing intellectuals would fall on their sword fighting for capitalism while the actual capitalists who are the most successful among their kind throw away entire fortunes funding socialists who want to clamp down on the free market. I'd call them class traitors, but nobody else will.

leeholsen said...

your entire life is about capitalism. unless you are okay with being a ward of the state, you will be living a capitalist life to be able to produce enough to try and live the life you want.
just because you work at a retail store, doesn't mean you are living of your own ability to generate a profit, it's just not a wall street profit that everyone accepts as evil capitalism. pushing up the ranks or to a higher position at another store is the same it's just not looked at like the same.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

Liked your article.

One criticism: Carl Menger and Frederic Bastiat should have appeared between Smith and Mises.