Friday, December 30, 2016

Opening Up a Second Front on the Left

I have many ideas that would be effective, efficient, and devastating to the left.  A "Department of Dirty Tricks," a concept of total economic war, and another idea (that is completely legal, so do not worry) that is so good, I won't even give it an obscure title.  And until I'm paid a princely sum, in my brain they will remain and the republicans, tea party, libertarians, etc., will continue to waste horrendous resources inefficiently fighting the left.

But one that I can let go of it opening up a second front on the left.  One that would strike at the resources that keep them alive, and permit them the luxury of 24-7 activism, propaganda, indoctrination, and politicking:

Cut off their funding.

Adam Piggott explains it much better here, but the idea is very simple.  If you cut the source of blood off for the parasites, then they will be too busy foraging for food (and GASP!  JOBS!) that they won't have time to protest, apply for government grants, block interstates, apply for government hand outs, or park their lazy worthless asses in college.  Oh they'll put up a stink, and they'll certainly shut down interstates.  But after two weeks of no food, no rent, no student loans, and no free transportation, they will rearrange their priorities to find food, clothing, and shelter when their WIC check doesn't come through, their paycheck at the university bounces, or the funding for their worthless public services program is cut. 

Understand the MAIN job of a leftist is to constantly legitimize, rationalize, and validate the theft of other people's money.  If you simply cut it off and force them to work real jobs like the rest of us, they won't have time to write 6 different letters to the same congressman, vote 5 different times for the same politician, nor apply for welfare in 4 different states.

Of course, this all pre-supposes republicans and our politicians grow a pair, which is the weakest part of this entire plan.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, the biggest corporations with the most opportunities for upward mobility are almost universally leftist, and they do offer good jobs to their own people instead of insulting them for following the advice they were given their entire lives about education.

The right wing needs to drop its individualist entrepreneur libertarian fetish (it isn't working) and start building big institutions with real political power. It has no serious institutions or even serious networks for ordinary peasants anymore, just angry outsiders who aren't competitive at the elite level. The alt-right people.

The right has been losing for generations because it refuses to change the status quo, that most people grow up in schools now, not families or the free market. The old ways aren't relevant to them. The establishment right does nothing about fixing the entry level career market and then insults young aspirants who did everything right and expect fair compensation for their work. Until the right creates a Department of Merit of some kind it will be thrown around by even the most pathetic affirmative action mobs due solely to their sheer numbers, because it refuses to define national excellence standards with teeth, with enforcement potential against the market! Corporations with just continue hiring leftists if they aren't forced to hire conservatives; And they are forced to hire leftist demographics, of course, and those nice stable jobs are what largely fuels their population growth.

No one will respect a playing field they regard as rigged against them since birth. They will become capitalists as soon as they secure a position they feel they fairly earned. As long as Republicans come across as country club snobs who enjoyed partying through school and making social connections for lucrative careers, instead of grinding study robots who are feel justifiably cheated out of their future prospects, they won't be taken seriously by the most talented.

I honestly think the only conservatives who aren't faking it are the religious social conservatives. They're the only ones who make any sense. The rest of them have made up their minds that their future "customers" are always wrong, even ironically because they were following orders given to them from authorities about how the world works. Without either tradition (expressed as religion) or authority, the right has melted down into a basket of anti-left insults that apparently show promise but never go anywhere. Pepe the Frog is the perfect mascot for this group.

Un Americano said...

"Of course, this all pre-supposes republicans and our politicians grow a pair..."

Nope. Not going to happen. Enjoy The Decline.

Mr. Bee said...

The "second front" analogy is a valid one.

I've always believed the entire AGW scam was a response to Bush's re-election. Bush's Iraq adventure, while a debacle hadn't yet been recognized as such. It made him the commander in chief in the middle of a war. As a counter to that, Gore created the AGW myth as a "second front" and sold it with the help the Katrina "fake news" by the MSM and Hollywood and it's Oscar for that year. The Dem congress made sure to use taxpayer funds to create an AGW industry in the academic and corporate areas thereby institutionalizing it. These government "skin tags" need to be surgically removed asap by cutting the grants and closing the government-AGW complex.

Anonymous said...

"If you cut the source of blood off for the parasites, then they will be too busy foraging for food (and GASP! JOBS!) that they won't have time to protest.. "

It's been a given for years, that those folk who can camp out in a plastic bag for weeks on end in the cause of; feminism, climate, whatever, don't have any real jobs.

The anti trump rioter are alledgedly funded by Soros.

But yes, cut the benefit claimants. Defund all the 'think tanks' and 'charaties' and NGOs

In fact, cut the state by about 1/5

A Texan said...

There may be a handful of decent Republicans at the federal level in Congress. Most of them though are establishment whores that need to go along with a number of Democrats. Losers like Paul Ryan, McConnell, McCane, and others will just be there to cause problems for Trump and the rest of America.

The GOP is only slightly less communist than the alleged opposing party. Despite all the rhetoric when has a Republican cut government? What unnecessary wars do they not like?

The only decent Republican they ever had was Ron Paul.

Here in TX, former governor Rick Perry arm twisted Amazon for sales tax revenue and over a decade ago promoted the Trans TX corridor which would have bull dozed thousands of acres of farm and ranches and turned operation over to a European company. Even in TX we don't have as much freedom as they claim in many ways.

Dirtnapninja said...

To turn off the tap, you'd need to attack the huge 'charitable' foundations that finance their activism. These foundations make it possible for them to field thier armies of activists and rentatugs.

Anonymous said...

To anyone with even a smattering of intelligence your plan's success is obvious, just as is it's downfall. If we ever ran this society by following nature's course and not emotions to guide the outcome, there would be few, if any, parasites. Those left standing would enjoy a prosperous existence.

Anonymous said...

A great video for you Aaron:

flighter said...

You really give the rebz too much credit.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, we have archive sites so these pieces of trash don't get so many views and we still can see them.

Cingoldby said...

Good plan, it's just a shame that politicians find spending other people's money to be a lot easier than not spending other people's money.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're including the cop welfare clan in this plan. The badged hypocrites are all complicit in the legitimization of theft from the productive classes by "just doing their jobs".
It amazes me the tone deafness when some speak about dealing with certain leftist parasitic classes yet willfully ignore the biggest of them all who take their marching orders by the same corrupt system that attempts to oppress us all on a daily basis. Cops are leeches on the ass of society, tell the truth about that.

Phillip said...

The first Anonymous comment strikes me as angry, envious and authoritarian. Unmarketable college degrees are results of (possibly) hard work but also poor planning. Even a B.S. in biology won't do much for you these days, except as a stepping stone to more education. Simply possessing a degree does not guarantee employment, any more than gaining employment guarantees keeping it. You have to provide value, unless you take a government or institutional position. Even corporate jobs, where "leftist demographic" hires are forced, eventually come down to value.
The traditional GOP IS dead. A sea change may have just slipped under your nose, and the status quo has, for the last few decades, been anything but static. Describing Republicans as monolithic may be fair, but those who vote conservative by voting Republican is not, as November showed you.
Those Masters of Gender (or "insert race here") Studies graduated may soon be replaced by a horde of technicians and tradesmen from VoTech. I sure hope so. We need them.

Paul Bonneau said...

This idea is what Harry Browne used to call the "If I Were King" syndrome.
Sorry, R's in Congress are not going to dismantle the Warfare/Welfare State. They are part of the problem, and thus cannot be the solution. Not only that - most of us are on the dole as well. Find a so-called "conservative" who does not send his kids to a government school, or who does not plan on taking Socialist Security or Medicare, or who does not support government regulation or war to benefit his own company. Good luck on that.

"The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else." -- Frederic Bastiat

sparkchaser said...

Well said. You have eloquently outlined why the left hates the entrepenuer main street class of this country.

Phillip said...


Strelnikov said...

Here's an easy, no pain place to start: Delete all advertising and marketing budgets from all government departments. Billions saved annually. What does a monopoly need to advertise for other than self aggrandizement? After this works, which it will, the other, more significant, cuts will be more appealing.