Thursday, December 29, 2016

National Geographic

Like all artists, they can't just create art and let it speak for itself.  It needs to have a political bend to it and that's why I don't bother reading national geographic.


Mr.Cornbread said...

Have you read this uet Cappy? The Crazy Story of the Professor Who Came to Stay—and Wouldn't Leave

flighter said...

That African boy is gonna be one hell of a PUA when he grows up.

The Exile said...

I quit subscribing to and reading National Geographic about 15 years ago when it became a magazine about how evil mankind is for destroying the planet and cute, cuddly polar bears. I see it's gotten no better.

Good to know that you're around. I work in the city that worships The Bicycle God, Spandex (aka Minneapolis), down by TCF Bank Stadium. The college morons there don't think twice about swerving their sacred bicycles out in front of a 6000 pound SUV. They truly think that they are morally superior and, therefore, immune to your barbaric mode of transport. "Woe be unto him that shall strike a follower of The Great God, Spandex!" (Hodges 3:16). It was 5 degrees tonight with a -15 windchill, and these idiots were everywhere!

My skin crawls every day until I get back to my suburban home of sanity.