Friday, May 13, 2016

Episode #149 of The Clarey Podcast - Huey Ray Fischer Episode!

The Mall of America
is blogging dying
Lie to get ahead
Is hate fucking rape?
Austin's leftists fuck over Austin's leftists
Huey Ray Fischer - the epitome of a lazy, millennial, socialist, parasite
SWPL Republicans blow $63 million of high school football stadium


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!


Alex from Australia said...

Hey Cappy,

if your looking for a new podcast to listen to, there is The Pressure Project at , and then there is Milo Yiannopolous at

sth_txs said...

Yeah, the Allen, TX $60 million wonder had to be closed for a season or so for structural problems. You would think for that kind of money it could last for all of eternity.

Austin is worth visiting for the food but not a great place to live anymore with the high cost of living and traffic. Too bad I could not have bought something in town there in '95 or so.