Thursday, May 12, 2016

Make a Fortune Selling Lies to Women

Seriously, if I ever had a son I would tell him to forget medical school, forget engineering, and just go and lie to women to make your fortune.

Way easier.
Way less capital investment.
Just follow the democrat business model.

Lie to women.


Anonymous said...

The number one predictor of high midlife libido is a new partner! - See more at:


Faithless Cynic said...

SWEET JUMPING JESUS - I listened to the Food For Fibroids video on this site. The doctor seems to say that fibroids are made larger by working a dead end job or staying in a bad relationship. (sarc on) Is there no end to the problems empowered women have from dealing with Fucking Men? (sarc off )

Thanks Cappy, you cannot make this shit up. I am well entertained while enjoying the decline.

Normal Guy said...

I love telling women to wait for children. 40 is the new 20 and all that. Great fun. Who cares anymore. They are Goddesses, let them sort it all out.

Anonymous said...

I know one thing that doesn't lie, the boner test and why I like women that are younger, tighter and 40 pounds lighter like the 26 YO I'm reeling. That is in opposition to the lady with an ass the size of a small short retard-bus that thought she was going somewhere with me after a short conversation. I'm 49.