Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Millennial Theme Song



Anonymous said...

I'm a Millennial, and I have to say, you hit the nail on the head. I'm fucking sick of my generation. Every time I try to guide them in the right direction, most of them reject the ideas and refer to me as a know-it-all who just seeks attention. I love your videos, keep it up Mr. Clarey, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Funny video.

I was born in 1981, so I'm technically a Millennial. Unfortunately, my generation is complete shit. Between the excessive tattoos, tech and drug addictions, chronic obesity, and sissy attitudes, I can say that my generation is one of the most fucked up generations ever. Much blame can be placed on the perverse conditions we grew up in. And HUGE blame can also be placed on the Boomer generation. Fuck them ALL. Greedy fucks.

Throughout modern American history, the younger generation was often considered hip, cutting edge, fun, energetic, and rebellious. None of this applies to the Millennials. As a group, Millennials are dull, listless, lazy, unhealthy, and unattractive. A sad bunch to be sure. They have no direction or generational ambitions. We are very much a lost generation. That says a lot compared to the Gen-Xers.

Debt forgiveness will be the issue that the politicians will use to lead the Millennial generation around by the nose, straight into authoritarian socialism; probably complete with round-ups, mass graves, the whole nine yards. Perhaps that's extreme, but I don't see my generation resisting anything coming from authority because we have been engineered to be weaklings. Huge portions of Millennials have overwhelming amounts of debt that can NEVER be repaid. I am almost certain that my generation will be the one that lets all of their Constitutional rights evaporate in favor of the phony promise of debt forgiveness. The future looks very, very dim for my generation.

Furthermore, I have never met a Millennial who can speak a full sentence without using the word 'like.' Not one damn full sentence. Somehow we all became Valley Girls?

My generation is...like...a total a bore...like, literally. Like...literally...like...literally. Like literally, those are like the the only words we like, even know. Literally. Is as if like literally, we like, were never taught to like, speak, like properly without like literally using using the words like and literally all the time. Like...literally.

With most generations, the split is 50/50. 50% are good, the other half are shitty. With my generation, it's about 80/20. 80% are complete garbage. Not a good ratio.

I hate most of my peers.

Anonymous said...

So funny, and great voice!

But then I clicked through to the actual video... and got served a dose of reality. *sigh*