Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Major Lies of Feminism

An excerpt from Bachelor Pad Economics, which if you haven't read it, you will after watching/listening to this video:


Anonymous said...

The "have it all" mentality goes beyond her personal lifestyle. Many women are just plain delusional in their expectations of life partners. He must be six foot tall or more, make a six figure income, have movie star looks, and cater to her every whim which nessarily adds mind reading skills to his laundry list of requirements.

A couple fun facts to think many men pull six figures or more? Pre-crash, maybe 5%. How many men are six feet tall or taller? In the states,less than 15%. And how many women making such demands can match even a fraction of those expectations themselves? Yeah, a small fraction of 1%.

Same entitled attitude as described in the podcast. On top of that, she expects him to accept her sh*t attitude, her kids (and babbydaddy's presence by extension), her excess poundage and average-at-best looks.

I have no sympathy for those types, and for that matter, not for the guys dumb enough to have anything to do with them. Those girls have misery and divorce written all over them.

Boaty Bear said...

Off topic Cappy, sorry, but I think I've found a positive aspect to Casper-Wyoming!

Ok it's old (1990) an updated version would be interesting.

All the Best
From the UK.

Anonymous said...

Have it all?

Have them all. :P

leeholsen said...

i dont generally agree with the manosphere that most women should be hands off because the majority of women arent rational thinkers(my opinion of the manosphere), but this story gives more that case more legit:

from the linked article: "It is clear to see that women swung it for the Leftists in the Austrian election."