Thursday, May 05, 2016

Who Will Pay for Everything When the White People are Gone?

A concern of mine is the slowing rate of not only overall economic growth, but more importantly the stagnation of real GDP per capita (as RGDP per capita is the primary measure of economic well-being).  However, another concern of mine was how the future demographics of the US will affect economic growth, because, frankly immigrants and minorities are not as productive as whites or Asians.  You may not like this fact, and you may chalk it up to racism, bigotry, or whatever else academia, the media, and politicians tell you, but in the end whites and Asians earn/produce more when measured by economics for whatever reasons may be.

Unfortunately, the larger of the two groups (whites) are projected to decline relative to the rest of the population while pretty much every other group grows.  And because of this decline relative to other populations I wanted to estimate what would happen to economic growth, and thus, standards of living (measured by RGDP per capita).

I would like to say my methodology was simple (as simple usually results in better more accurate results), but it was as "simple as could be" due to the inherent complexities in projecting populations by race, applying productivity rates to each, and thereby inferring a forecasted RGDP, population, and thus RGDP per capita into the future.  In short I used the population growth figures out till 2060 for the four main racial groups in the US, historical RGDP data from the federal reserve, income per capita as a proxy for RGDP per capita (as what you are paid is correlated to what you produce), and multifactor productivity to estimate future, genuine "Real" economic growth.

And the results were interesting.

Historically (since 1947) the US has experienced an average RGDP per capita growth rate of 2% per year.  This may not seem like a lot, but when compounded over the course of a lifetime you can expect your standards of living to nearly quintuple.  Thus, if historical American economic growth rates continued, we could expect to all be producing about $120,000 in GDP per capita by 2060, contrasted with the current $51,000 we produce today.

However, that will not be happening.  As the racial composition of America changes, downward pressure on economic growth will result.  Of course, this assumes current production by the four main racial groups remain the same (as well as birthing rates for each group), but if the forecasts are correct (which, as a caveat, in economics they rarely are) we can expect an average annual increase of only .5%, resulting in barely any advances in our standards of living (and before you start making accusations of racism, keep in mind by this time whites will be a minority in the country, so this post is by mathematical reality, to benefit future minorities).

Now, if you have a care for the future, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or political affiliation, these figures (guesstimates as they may be) are MATH and have serious ramifications for your children and future Americans.  For while it's all fun and games today to blame everything on "whitey" or "males," in the end they are the engine of economic growth that powers this economy AND (as it just so happens) subsidizes the government programs minorities, immigrants (and women) rely disproportionately on.  And without them either taxation on minorities would have to increase considerably, or you will simply have to do without your precious government checks (though technically as it stands right now, the current system is not suppoortable or sustainable anyway, but we can keep this up as long as the dollar remains the world's reserve currency).

Therefore, if you care about your children and grand children, economic production of women and minorities need to increase.  I have already outlined what is required to close the various wage gaps between minorities and whites/males, however I fear that pride, ego, and self-pity is getting in the way of this success.  From kindergarten to college, everyone is brainwashed to believe it's racism, sexism, bigotry or misogyny that is holding them back.  It's the "patriarchy," the "corporations," and "CIS gendered white male scum" who actively conspire against you.  However, we (and by "we" I mean minorities and women and their children who will take over this country) do not have the time for these lies.  Yes, there certainly is token examples of racism and sexism.  And yes, if you go looking for it, especially with the 17 years of k-college brainwashing you've received, you'll see "ists" and "isms" hiding in every shadow and every corner.  But keep in mind this is nothing but propaganda and lies from the democrat party to spare your feelings, ego, and pride, all in exchange for your vote...and sadly...your future success in life.

To be blunt, while there is nothing you can do about genuine racism, sexism, or bigotry, you can:

Stop having kids you can't afford or out of wedlock
Stop majoring in stupid shit (that goes particularly for the ladies).
Stop spending more than you make.
Stop blaming your own stupid decisions on other people.
And make sure you don't make stupid decisions in the first place. 

It won't eliminate racism or sexism, but unlike racism or sexism, these things ARE under your control and will do more to close the wage gaps between minorities and whites/males than any government program or piece of self-pitying, self-defeatism coming out of the public schools or the democrat party.

Finally, one last warning.  While this post has been a tough-fatherly-love-inspired criticism of the economic production of minorities, not all of the blame can be put on them.  For while "white males" have have traditionally been the engine of economic growth and innovation that have made people's standards of living quintuple over lifetimes, even that engine is succumbing to the same leftist propaganda of entitlements, woeismeism, laziness, easy degrees, and an abdication of responsibility.  Note the lack of growth in RGDP per capita that has already been occurring since 2006 (in the green circle).

Some of this can certainly be blamed on the Great Recession.  However, how much of it is also the average American white male going from this:

to this:

Not only are white's numbers going to decline, their quality and caliber has already gone to pot.

The day will come minorities will be on their own.  Prepare accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Human Biodiversity is real Cappy, and this is the result. Multiculturalism = white genocide.

Stirner said...

La Griffe Du Lion (crappy handle, great analysis) did the maths for this years ago:

Read it and weep, multiculturalists.

Avraham said...

Very insightful blog

Avraham said...

I think Blacks are more interested in taking down the USA than in who will pay for things after whites are gone.

cecilhenry said...

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people's money.

Diversity means chasing DOWN the last White Person.

Fleecing the productive is a sure way to make the productive disappear or at least foster the parasitic mindset to steal, lie, coerce and destroy. Taxed on the money you earn, then taxed on savings, taxed on investments, taxed on tax.

‘Lean In’ and contribute to this?? NO WAY. NO. My only question: What can I do to actively STOP this involuntary subsidization of a parasitic system that is destroying my freedom and interests: economically, racially, personally?.

Craig C said...

People who believe that a group of people or country who have average IQ's of 80 can "enrich" another group of people or country whose average IQ is 100, don't understand math, IQ nor genetics.

Frank said...

Look at South Africa for a real world example.

Jim Scrummy said...

Maffs are hard. Unfortunately, I don't think the demographic trend can be reversed. The demographics are against people who have an understanding (math) that this the beginning of the end. Look at Japan, it's going down, slowly but surely because of their super monetization of debt. Look at Europe with the invasion of the low IQ "migrants" from the Middle East and Africa. We have been fundamentally transformed, like it or not, but it's the truth. Where this goes from this point forward can be debated, but it's just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. So, when the rest of the world has had enough of the U.S. and it's currency, what happens next? What happens when producers decide to produce less for the takers? The next 15-20 years are not going to be pretty, at all. Not looking forward to it.

Swede said...

Very interesting, and no doubt true.

Aaron, could you take a look at this article also and comment on it? It doesn't ring true to me, but I'm not an economist.

Anonymous said...

I dont' understand why are you preoccupied more about what will happen to the blacks and latinos when the whites would be gone. Who gives a shit? You should be concerned about that: whites being gone. Are you? I think not, cause you don't have any children.

Bob said...

Guilty white liberals are the West's biggest threat.
They think they owe non-whites something for being born white in a western democracy.
It truly is a mental disorder.

sean said...

This is why we shall devolve into a socialist hell hole. Those lazy bastards won't innovate and create like the white man.

James Guzman said...

Another thing you can do: STOP voting to put crazy leftists in power.

Faithless Cynic said...

There is another factor in play with White males. The verminous, hateful women that are available nowadays would sap anyone's drive. As an example, take my wife please ( with a hat tip to Rodney Dangerfield ) I have tried to be a good husband, building a business and working any scut jobs I could during hard times. My reward for this effort? My feminist wife fucking HATES me. How bout that for incentive to work hard?. Work hard for someone who hates you. I stay in this marraige to avoid losing ALL my assetts.


Anonymous said...

Ouch Faithless Cynic-I feel for you bro.

I don't know how old you are and your children situation but if you are childless and no older then your 50s, I'd seriously consider splitting up your shit and going solo. Who the fuck needs to live in that kind of relationship?

Peace in your life is priceless.
Stress kills.

Anonymous said...

Faithless Cynic,

There are ways to quietly start dividing assets and moving them out of reach. See an attorney and pay cash.

leeholsen said...

Man, I feel for you.

only way I'm getting married is with a prenup that goes up incrementally to my death and the payout at death can be voided if she just let me sit in a nursing home at the end that includes her as 50% financially responsible for kids if she splits and I face no additional penalty if I decide to divorce for any reason.

Anonymous said...

Jim Scrummy:

The next 15-20 years is going to make WW2 look like a quaint church picnic. Buckle up.

Anonymous said...

Heard ya loud n clear, pal.

-reformed millenial

Caligula Jones said...

Well, Jude Wanniski had this in 1996:

Thirty years ago, academic economists accepted the rule of thumb that the economy had to grow at a 3% annual rate just to break even on job creation, given population growth and technological advance. Even a 2 1/2% growth rate is measured by the national income accounts in a way that masks a continuing decline in real wages and national living standards. Gross National Product numbers are swollen by an ever-increasing fraction of the work force that is required to deal with social pathologies and economic volatility - lawyers and accountants, welfare caseworkers and corrections officers, financial service personnel, a fast-food industry and child-care industry that are necessary in a world of single-parent or two-breadwinner families."

He went a bit nuts at the end with all that stuff with Farrakhan, but I think he got this right...

Chase said...

We know what will happen: South Africa. White Genocide.

Unknown said...

Oh long before the money runs out the food will disappear. Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa when it was ruled by Whites, and Zimbabwe is another po' starving black country. Face it White man, they need you, but they are a dead weight and drag on you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Who will provide the gibsmedat for all the non-white parasites of the world when whites are gone?

No one. They can all eat shit and die.

Anonymous said...

here is your video "depression":

I think it is more prelevant than ever. There is no reason for white people to not go galt. I believe that the productivity of white will also go down because of the reasons you mentioned in that video. But that leads to another issue.

When the westerners have no reason to work hard anymore, the only supepowe will be China and other Asian countries.

Anonymous said...

Stupid cultures don't survive the long haul in temperate climates without generous support from viewers like you. Gotta have smarts to make it through winter and drought and pestilence and disasters, over and over and over again. Being able to think beyond another hour of fun but instead develop plans and set goals for productive years ahead, then carrying through to ensure survivability is the hallmark for intelligence. Stupid, lazy cultures can't endure harsh climates without backing from smart, successful people. Collapse is inevitable, the stupid will die off, and the smarter ones will thrive again. But probably not in my lifetime.

That's my take on the dumbing down of society, figuratively and literally, for the future with an economic decline.

Anonymous said...

As the numbers of the reviled white people diminish, when there are not enough of us left to protect ourselves, we will be slaughtered by the haters and the utter fools who are taking over. We are blamed for all things bad and not appreciated in the least for all the good that we have done. We gave the world the modern, civil society that is now being rubbished by the left and by immigrants who hate us whilst enjoying the fruits of our wisdom, creativity, generosity, inventiveness and shall we say, class, politeness, caring, misplaced trust etc.

In short it we who are the fools thinking that our 'brown brothers and sisters will come to live in peace with us and be our friends.

I am glad I am old and have no kids. The future is bleak. Even my current political hero, Mr. Trump cannot build enough walls to keep the future from entering our world and trashing it.

Anonymous said...

As taxes and fees and regulation and red tape and in-your-face government became too much to bear, I gradually moved to the underground economy just to keep up with the cost of living. More and more people are becoming economic refugees spilling into the shadows just to hang on to some of the money we work hard for. I am sick of supporting the clueless. I am sick of extortionist governments at all levels. Just sayin'.

I am now retired (Went Galt) which I would not be if I played entirely by the rules. It is now stacked up agains the little guy. Trump is correct about that.

liberranter said...

Faithless Cynic9:39 AM

Three things, brother:

1. Passport

2. Foreign language lessons (at least two)

3. Travel plans for Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe

Anonymous said...

Hate to break this to a lot of you, but the world will keep turning if white people disappear, which they won't.

However, Western Europe, for the most part, IS gone. There will be no France, Germany, England, Belgium or Sweden in fifty years. Hell, maybe even sooner than that.

VFM #7916 said...



Increase productivity of women and minorities.


In the low skill jobs they're suited for?
In the face of automation of those low skilled jobs?
Where they are seen as useless mouths that only have value in their ability to vote the establishment in?

While I understand your reasoning here, in that you are telling them things that white people used to know as the ticket to success, you don't have a vision for the future other than to enjoy the decline. Your concern here for their offspring is misplaced, because your focus is not on the next generations.

Without white men, women and minorities have a very grim future. Your advice would be better spent on white women, telling them to stay married, have 4+ kids, live on her husband's income, and to teach the children engineering, electronics, robotics, etc.

The world will keep turning without white men, as it always has, but life will return to being short, brutish, and dark.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Encourage interracial marriages and reproduction.
Then the majority will still have the "white genes" even if/when harboring "black genes" or those of any other race.
And have plenty of "Asian genes" in the mix as well.
...Just a thought.

VFM #7916 said...


Miscegenation does not work. That's what's underway now.

72% of black/white relationships that result in a child won't see a marriage.
Those that do will have a 75% chance of being divorced in 5 years, 70% of those will be initiated by the female.
Finally, 98% of white women with children in any of these relationships will receive no support from the father.

Successful blacks marry blacks. Same with whites, asians, or hispanics.

You don't gain anything by mixing less successful genes for civilization with more successful ones.

Which is the point the Captain is making.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Isn't success (or lack of) a matter of an individual's fate more so than whatever the roots of their ancestry may be?
Of their individual aptitudes and related efforts, along with adequate opportunities to enhance such aptitudes and support whatever efforts they may make?

Czerka said...

Votes don't matter! Politicians vote according to campaign contributors and lobiest. NWO will chase whites down regardless of how they vote. Eradication of whites and economic collapse is the goal. The best thing that you can do to slow the process is live on a farm, somewhere cold, have lots of babies and home school. They have been indoctrinating our children on the morality of diversity for generations.

Czerka said...

"Black Lives Matter" but white votes do not! Nobody wanted mixed race schools or crime infested neighborhoods. Whites were the majorty 50 years ago and they didn't agree to any of this. That's why they keep chasing them down and integrating where ever they go. The leftist must indoctrinate all children with propaganda about white privilege, atheism, tollerance and diversity. The media trumpets when a white police officer shoots a black criminal, but is silent when this villan destroys the life of an innocent (speaking from personal experience). Our leaders govern against the will of the people. No honest person would welcome a million, uneducated, military age, male foreigners into your peaceful community. No one should have to tell their daughter to behave like a Muslim woman to avoid rape! This is a deep and insidious plot to eradicate Europeans in every land. The puppet masters are cleverly turning all their enemies against each other, so that they will dominate a useless herd of dependent slaves.

Czerka said...

This is exactly the plan that the community organizers are pushing. Mixed breed dogs are best suited for self reliance, why not people. Who needs one group to be smart and another to be fast. Average for everyone! Charles Darwin and Karl Marx would agree with you.

Czerka said...

You can thank your mothers, sisters and daughters for this trend. We are enjoying the result of female voting patterns. Most women are more emotional than logical and consistanly relate with the underdog. You can easly trick them by saying the magic words "It's for the children!" Plus, many harbor Tarzan fantasies about the noble savage unburdened by the responibilities of civilization. Just pick up any romance novel if you need proof!

Czerka said...

I think we should take in all the refugees, but instead placing them in safe farming communities, we should have them fight it out in the hood. This is the environment that they come from, so they already have the necessary life skills. That's real diversity!

Czerka said...

When whites are gone. We will aggressively recruit Asians to take our place. They will make it easy for them at first, but when their standard of living exceeds the poverty class they will get white treatment. Rinse lather repeat!