Monday, May 09, 2016

Is There an End to Feminism?


Anonymous said...

"Is there an End to Feminism?" Nope. Never in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

The divide and conquer benefits of pitting men and women against one another are too great for controlling human populations in the modern world. Feminism will expand it's reach to most parts of the globe in the 21st Century. Feminism and mass consumerism are intimately linked.

Expect societies all over the world that were previously traditional and masculine in nature to succumb to the grip of feminism, especially as their economies convert to Western style consumerism. Although largely forced through long term, multi-generational propaganda, feminism appears to be the evolutionary adaptation that the human race has made in the face of the consumerist world. Western man has conquered nature and has made the world safe for white women. Ungrateful, irrational, rebellious, destructive Feminism is his reward. The law of unintended consequences is on full display here, Gentlemen.

Unknown said...

Please watch this video, I think it contributes some note-worthy points to the discussion. Its about how nice guys finish last and the rationalization feminists go through to get there.
Let me know what you think!

- Andriy

Eh, Whatever said...

Not one in three people, but one in three WOMEN. women are the only people that matter.

Unknown said...

Yes its unfortunate, and the sad truth is we can only do so much to prevent it from affecting us.
I would like Aaron to discuss this topic further and give more pointers to younger lads coming into the workplaces