Friday, August 25, 2017

Big Education Scamming Black Women

After seeing billboards, internet ads, and plain ole websites of liberal arts colleges, it is painfully clear that Big Education is targeting minorities and women in a last, vain attempt to get them to:

1.  Borrow $100,000 in student loans.
2.  Hand it over to the hacks posing as professors, deans and administrators at worthless schools.
3.  Fellate them while brainwashing them into a victimhood mentality with leftist, racist politics.
4.  While giving them an utterly worthless education.

All of which has the effect of crippling these people financially, mentally, and making it damn near impossible they will ever find a quality husband, raise a decent family, or have a successful career.

If you know a minority or a woman who is about to be sold on this scam, get them the book Worthless


asylum said...

Wow...looks like the list of "HBC&U" has just expanded by "n+1" to include an on-line University.

I do find it ironic they offer Criminal Justice degrees ;)

Tucanae Services said...

$100k for an AS? Man I doubt it. At least at any state funded institution I know of. An AS can be had at any community college for under $20k. Has to be quite a corrupt organization to work up those kind of numbers for 60 credit hours.

liberranter said...

If you know a minority or a woman who is about to be sold on this scam, get them the book Worthless.

Don't waste the time or money. They won't read it. Black women "don't need no man, 'specially no white man" to teach them anything. This is why college is a waste of time and money for them even if they attend one of the rare colleges that actually offers something resembling a quality education in majors of value.

Let black women be led into the minefield that they are so determined to blow themselves up in. They deserve it. Their entire purpose for existence as a demographic group is to serve as a warning example to the rest of the world of what happens when one makes every foolish and destructive life choice imaginable. No other group comes even close.