Friday, August 25, 2017

Real, Caring Men Tell Women "No"

"Women need to understand that men who speak to them directly, and tell them no, and set boundaries and try to push them to be serious about education and career and finances and marriage are NOT anti-woman. We are trying to protect you and strengthen you, by telling you to make good decisions, and be responsible."

It's a great piece, but the only thing I would add is that it is not a single man's responsibility to compensate where are weak or absentee father left off.  Women should be raised to at least HEED a man that tells them "no" or advises them to reconsider their choices in life.  Unfortunately, they are not only "not raised" by men, but brainwashed by a predominantly leftist, feminist, and female school district, rendering them shrews that are just not worth being tamed.  Young men already have a full plate in their lives.  Student debts, lousy employment prospects, slowing economic growth.  Taking broken goods, trying to put them back together, and play the role of therapist to MAYBE recondition a girl whose father/mother failed her ON TOP OF THAT is just simply too tall an order for your average 24 year old boy.

Stay frosty, boys.  Stay the freak frosty.


Glen Filthie said...

Aaron - read this through before ya delete it.

Fuck you - okay?

When my daughter was in elementary school she had "behavioural problems". You can't spank kids because that is child abuse. When my daughter was bringing home angry notes from the teacher about behavioural problems I was told to give the child 'time outs'. Think about that: put a kid in a room full of crayons, books and toys. Real punishment, right? I almost lost my daughter to social services when I finally broke and paddled her ass. But wonder of wonders, after she got spanked the problems mysteriously stopped.

In junior high she started failing everything. Apparently she had 'learning disabilities'. I sat her down and tutored her and MADE that kid do her homework. Not only that, I pushed her beyond grade level too. By the end of grade 7 she was doing grade 10 algebra. By grade 9 she was doing elementary calculus and integrating and differentiating like a champ.
She snoozed through high school with honours.

Then she went to school to take the sciences at university. A semester later she dropped out and transferred into fine arts. I had a fuggin BIRD - but every asshole in the family came out to tell me that she had to follow her dreams and the money would follow that. You know how this ends, right?

Today my daughter is a 32 year old lesbian social justice warrior and a gay artiste who won't speak with me because I am a mean poopy head who only wants to make her unhappy. Everyone else in her circle tells her that homosexuality is beautiful and wonderful, and that she is a successful young woman - who works part time as a bicycle mechanic.

And you sit there with 20/20 hindsight and tell me that I failed my daughter. Thanks for that, buddy. I appreciate it. Guys - I tried. I saw ALL this present day bullshit with social justice warriors, sexually disturbed gender crap, and toe-to-toe culture wars coming 7 years ago.

Maybe I did fail. I'm sorry fellas, but there were too many bad guys in this, they were too big for me and they rolled right over me and took my daughter's soul.

Goddammit, I tried.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I've had a lot of fun talking about this stuff with my wife. When I'm home from sea, we drink champagne (and I have a stogie and some more whisky) on my patio and watch the fish jump in my pond. My wife's from Brazil, and hates feminists the way I hate taxes.
The prods have a weird religious response to this called 'complementarianism' or some such BS, which is a formalized way of acknowledging that male accountability ('he needs a good woman to keep him in check') is good but male headship of the marriage and family is not. Weird.

I've found that my wife resists my 'no' responses even after all these years together- they're a go-to shit test, real low-hanging fruit for her, and when I don't fold, she will use sex to try to get me to reconsider if she's really invested in changing my mind. Only after sex and a good night's sleep will my no often enough meet with deep approval.
Fiery foreign women, esp. from the 3rd world it seems, truly enjoy the give-and-take between the sexes, no matter how long a marriage lasts.
What I find interesting most of all is that she's very aware of it, and how much I don't like how predictable it is. If she really, truly wants me to reconsider, she'll present a logical counter to my decision and I'll listen.
It's a mistake to call this a mind game, because it results in no hurt feelings and spontaneous sex, but the benefits are there, absolutely, for both of us. One of the more common phrases that comes out in her butchery of English is "Every woomang lufs a stron' meng."

Tucanae Services said...

Interesting article but this is yet again a circular firing squad of its men's fault. The other flaw being that it reinforces the idea that women have no responsibility for their choices.

I'm Americano said...

Feminists blame men. Traditionalists blame men. Government blames men. Media blames men. Religionious 'leaders' blame men. Antipoverty crusaders blame men. Men blame men. Women blame en. Fuck you all, each and Every one of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Glen,

I don't think the point of the post or the podcast was to make men who try to lead women (like you did with your daughter) feel bad. The point of the post was that WOMEN NEED TO LISTEN TO GOOD MEN WHO TRY TO LEAD THEM. Or else they end up making a mess of their lives.

Men are not obligated to succeed, they're obligated to try. You tried. That's all you had to do. One day, your daughter and the people who undermined your practical, wise leadership are going to be sorry for disrespecting you.