Monday, August 07, 2017

Why the Left Will Always and Inevitably Eat Their Own

Chris Bechtloff explains the ultimate end goal of leftism as:

"The last human on Earth, who is a leftist, standing on top of a mountain of skulls as he/she eats a bullet."

I never understood this as I've never understood the much more "PG" explanation I've been given in the past that "the left always eats its own."

Do they not circle the wagons?
Do they not stay together as a team?
I've seen democrats rally around the most criminal and corrupt of people simply because they're on "team left."
And I've been angrily jealous when the right spinelessly refuses to protect their own when faced with a potential accusation of an "ism" or an "ist."

Still, for every example of leftists protecting a Charlie Rangel, I could see a historical example of leftists turning on their own.

Stalin on Trotsky.
College SJW students on their leftist professors.
And democratic candidates against each other during primaries (though that is to be expected).

But I didn't understand why.  I didn't understand the etymology of this belief.  I did not understand the underlying philosophy.

Until now.

I sat down, put pen to paper, coffee to brain, and with some Sherlockian deducing finally figured it out.  And, like other observations of the mental, psychological, and ideological traits of the left, I believe this observation will come in handy for non-leftists to understand them, as well as counter them, not to mention explain various political and historical phenomena we've witnessed in the past.

First, you must understand what drives the majority of leftists and 100% of leftist politicians - laziness.

I'm not talking about the hard-working life-long union democrat.  The tradesman or laborer who actually produces something of value and votes democrat "because that's how grand-daddy did it and we're a democrat family damnit!"  I'm talking the Hillary Clinton's, the Debbie Wasserman-Schultzes, the Stalin's, the Mao Zedong's, the SJW's, the Bernie Sanders, the leftist professors, the MSM and their journalism-majoring ilk, nearly all liberal arts majors, and the Game-Of-Thrones-esque North Korean leaders.  All of them, democratically elected or not, politicians or not, are the world's "leftist elite" who deem it their right and position in life to tell others what to do.  To lead, but never toil in the field.  To command, but never contribute one calorie of energy to bringing about their "glorious leftist utopia."  All of them, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, are driven first and foremost by laziness.  And this laziness trumps EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, AND ANYTHING in their lives.  It rules their lives.  It dominates their psyche.  It determines and influences every decision.  Their entire operating program, their entire point and purpose in life is simply to avoid toil, work, and rigor as much as possible.

Second, you must understand where this laziness comes from - a 100%, complete and total fear of work.  A 100% complete and total fear of labor.  A 100% cowardice of the necessary toil required for self-supportation.  These people are inferior, weak, but above all else, cowardly people who will do anything to avoid the everyday pain you, me, and others endure to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Hillary Clinton went straight from her rich father to her first-governor-then-president husband because she was a worthless coward.  Her laziness and fear of work was so complete she ignored Bill's infidelity as it would keep her from having to divorce him and get a real job.

Nancy Pelosi and Mark Dayton are both trust-fund baby brats who viewed real work beneath them and have yet to work ONE MINUTE of honest work in their now-approaching 70 years of life on this planet.

President Obama, also hailing from a rich grandmother, never held a real job until becoming president.

And nearly every communist hero, be it Lenin, Marx, Mao, or what have you, hailed from privileged backgrounds, ne'er dipping a toe into an honest day's work.

And you don't have to be a politician or leader to see how pervasive this pathetic cowardly fear of work is among the left.  The millions of young men and women who declare liberal arts majors every year are simply confessing their laziness, sloth, and cowardice to the world, unconsciously admitting they have no desire to work hard, provide society something of value, and demand the rest of the producers work harder to support their parasitic selves.  Like I said before, bar the hard working (and completely misled) union democrat, nearly every leftist is cripplingly afraid of real work.

Finally, ego.

A mere welfare parasite who doesn't want to work, I can understand.  He or she may be apoliticial, doesn't even care about politics, may not even be aware of their parasitic and unsustainable economic nature.  The most they participate in politics is being the sheep herded out in droves to vote democrat because "republicans be racist/sexist/hate the poor/hate children/punch kittens."  But the "professional left" cannot suffer such an inglorious life.  For in a VERY CLOSE second place to "laziness" is ego.  And their ego will not be satisfied with a mere government check.

To fool themselves into thinking they're "good, productive citizens," let alone have ANY value in life, the left subscribes to any number of political crusades as long as it doesn't require work, toil, labor or effort.  Crusades that kind of have a "no duh" aspect to them:

We're for the environment!
We're for the equal treatment of women!
We're for the poor!
We're for the children!
We're for education!

However, merely taking popular, uncourageous, and effortless political positions is not enough.  Their ego demands more action.  So these otherwise "no duh" political positions become fervent, even radical religions falsely providing leftists meaningless meaning in their lives.

Non-binary genderism
Wealth redistribution/socialism

or any other kind of ism that talentless and worthless liberal arts majors are celebrating today.

These "isms" not only provide the non-working left faux meaning and agency in life, but a cause and crusade to cowardly hide behind in case they are accused or outed as being the lazy parasites they are.  Because if you are against pissing away money on education, "you hate the children." If you're against affirmative action, "you're a racist!"  If you're against feminism, "you're a sexist."  And if you don't believe in global warming, "You hate the environment!"

In the end, leftists' egos and their fabricated political crusades inoculate them from the demands of the real world, while insulating their minds from the fact they're meaningless, pointless, worthless people.  Some believe their ideologies so much they find themselves fit to lead nations, and in Mao and Stalin's case, murder millions in the process.  Worse, some are so deluded, even when their ideology results in their rape, they'll still stand by it.

When you combine these three traits:


you get socialism.

Not because these three items are the ingredients to form a leftist, but because leftism is the ONLY economic and political philosophy that will abide a person who is ruled and defined by these three inferior traits.  Alas, the only real "job" or "profession" a leftist can have is one of politics.

This "political career" can manifest itself in various forms in the real world,

You can have an outright politician.
You can have a professor, teacher or academian.
You can have an artist, philosopher, musician, or author.
You can have a bureaucrat, social worker, or other unessential government employee.
You can be a mouthpiece for the government as an unpaid leftist blogger, journalist, or other propagandist.
Or you have have NGO's, non-profits, or other entities that suck on the teat of government money.

None of them require real work.
None of them require real labor.
All of them feed the egotist.  

The problem, however, is these industries are not self-sustaining.  They are not self-supporting.  They are not economic.  They do not produce anything of value and are therefore entirely parasitic and reliant upon other sectors of the economy to be taxed to finance these make-work industries. And it is this economic fact that is key to understanding why the left will always eat its own.

As long as the "other" parts of the economy are large and productive enough, there will be enough economic production to tax to fund and finance these fake/make-work industries.  Overpaid baby sitters elementary school teachers will continue to receive their bloated pay.  Professional hacks university professors will continue to receive tax-payer guaranteed student loan money to brainwash their idiot liberal arts majoring students.  Women too lazy to study math, who loved their careers more than their own children social workers will continue to get paid to raise other women's problem children which wouldn't be problem children if somebody stayed at home to raise them in the first place.  And talentless trust fund babies professional activists will continue to get government grants so they can avoid working a real job that is actually needed in the real world.

But what if the economy slows down?
Or what if the economy becomes increasingly socialist and the government takes over industries that actually produces things?
What if leftists become the majority be it an outright majority of the population or via government take over of various industries?

What will inevitably happen (as in the case with all communist economies) is you will have all the leftists wanting to be leaders, and not enough wanting to be workers.  Too many chiefs and not enough indians.  You not only saw this in the bloated communist bureaucracies (and their ego-inflated titles and awards) and drastically underutilized factories, but you can see this in the democrat party (admittedly as well as the republican party) where all the volunteers think they're going to become an elected politician, but are merely used for their volunteer labor.  And it is here the left will eat its own.

Remember that socialism and leftism is the only political philosophy where a lazy, egotistical, coward can "work."  Leftism is not DEFINED by these traits.  It only ATTRACTS PEOPLE with these traits and it is therefore defined by the people.  And an entity (be it an entire economy or a mere political party or movement) composed of people with these traits is simply not going to have enough money, resources, or ego-satisfying "leadership positions" to satiate everybody.

Leftists with their inherent laziness and parasitism simply do not generate the money/resources necessary to satisfy everyone's ego about becoming "Assistant Vice Reserve Diversity Director" or "Vice Secretariat of the Communist Central Commission."  All organizations, leftist or not, need a handful of leaders, and at least thrice the workers.  But since most leftists' egos are insatiable, not to mention their biggest and life-dominating fear is work, when the time comes and if necessary they will GLADLY abandon their ideology and throw their "beloved comrade" under the bus.  Alas, leftism only really serves as an excuse, a mask, an ideological hide out for the world's lazy, cowardly, and egotistical.  And if faced with the choice of supporting the cause (and working) or murdering the ideological brethren (to avoid work), they will gladly plant daggers in the back of every "fellow leftist."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's a sad mental state to be a professional leftist.  I know they fear work above all else, to the point it ruins their lives, but if they just put in half the effort working real jobs, producing real value that the real world wants, as they do in academia, politics, and media rationalizing the theft of others, they would be immeasurably better off.  If instead of begging for grant money, a professional leftist worked a security guard shift, they'd have thrice the money.  If instead of spending 8 years earning a worthless doctorate so you can teach for $20/hour, you joined the military, you'd be an officer with a pension now.  And if instead of wasting your time protesting with a "pink pussy hat" against the patriarchy, you could be a wife with some children and a chemical engineering career waiting for you once the kids are off to school.

Alas, the K-college industry and media has done a great job convincing millions of leftists every year to throw their lives away on an ideology that is as parasitic as it is pathetic.  They've successfully sold you leftists that you are entitled to the easy life, long as you vote for them.  And they've successfully got you to waste your entire lives in sacrifice for the politically connected and not the meritocratic.

I'd say "Enjoy the Decline," but I'm afraid you're too brainwashed to understand.
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PoCoTex said...

May I add one other characteristic of leftists, socialists, and their collectivist ilk: envy.

In other words, in their view, "What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine."

They want what you have and they will use the ultimate power, government, to get what they envy, whether it be money, power, influence, even peoples lives (e.g., slavery).

One other characteristic is that they consider themselves accountable to no one but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Or as Thomas Sowell likes to say - the leftist ideology is always "on the side of the angels".

Anonymous said...

I agree with poco .... envy is huge on the left

Vader999 said...

Not so sure about what you said on the modern SJWs.

The old Communists competed for power against each other because they were killers. They were also from the lowest dregs of society, and barely got admittance to the "educated" class. Hence why they had this "dog-eat-dog" mentality, because when they achieved power, real power, they were jealously guarding it. Modern-day SJWs are born in power and comfort. Oh, yes, there's some poor SJWs, but most of them are either welfare whores or rich people. They barely had to work a day in their lives. With the old guard Communists, they had to scrape, they had to struggle, they had to fight for every inch they gained. That's why they get a tad bit obsessive about things when someone questions their power-it's off to the firing squad or the gulags for the rebels.

But modern day SJWs never had to go through that. They live in wealth, hence why their whole lives are almost nothing more than privilege. And they rarely turn on each other. Those SJW students are still firmly loyal to their liberal professors. I've never seen them talk back to liberal teachers. Instead, they take what they get from these teachers and make it their life's work. I betcha Anita Sarkeesian's feminist teachers are damn proud of her work, and she's loyal to what they taught her. SJW rhetoric is rhetoric straight out of the classroom from Professors who taught them Marxism 101. So yeah, not seeing much dissent among the libs, unless you want to call the battle between gay men and female feminists one, considering that trans women think they're real women, while female feminists say that they're not the equivalent of real, biological women.

TheTooner said...

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

To whom could the grand old Marxist slogan have more appeal than those whose particular ability is that of telling others how things should be, and whose particular need is to be obeyed and given their living in return for that ability. I.e. nosy, interfering idlers and wasters, the leftist and the "progressive."

Tucanae Services said...

What drives most Leftists today, especially the SJWs, is acceptance. Lacking in any core beliefs of their own, they will gravitate to anyone who will provide them something to believe in. Its why 'being green' is so accepted. So much so that it is not science it is a religion. Pope Gore is their leader. Envy is second since it is supplied AFTER they join the hive.

David said...

What makes me laugh when I hear Democratic Party politicians is that they still try and sell the bullshit that they are for the hard working people as well as the welfare class itself.

One can't be for working people and the lazy government/welfare class who don't want to work. In order to pay for the worthless government and welfare class, they have to take from those who work and produce.

Jay Nix said...

The thing that has always struck me about proponents of socialism is the hubris. They always imagine themselves as the ones either giving the orders or the providing the research and/or advocacy. Not one of them has ever been in the military, the closet thing the U.S. has to functional socialism. Never do they see themselves as the ditch-diggers or sanitation workers. They believe their minds and thoughts are too valuable to toil in such menial tasks. That's why the best solution is to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Well said Aaron and as another poster, "envy" is also a rather large primer driving the toxic ideology.

A current case example is Venezuela. When the oppostion to Chavez collapsed and pulled out of political races, Chavez lost a whipping boy to blame all his policy failures on. If there is no opposition to blame for your own incompetence and shortcomings, they will invent them (infiltrators, spies, collaboraters, etc...) to keep the base on the plantation. They also defer and avoid responsibility. It is cryptonite to a leftist and he will run from it while gaslighting his way to his offshore isle of illicit funds. They need useful idiots and a majority obtuse electorate to achieve all this, hence why a former bus driver is left holding the bag, with plenty of other socialist parties chomping at the bit to replace him, and running whats left of that country off a cliff.

mexicano said...

There is an existing theory which encapsulates all of the above - r/K selection strategy.

This is the place to go if you´re interested:

Anonymous said...

As Governor William J. Le Petomane said - "We've gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!...we have to do something immediately..IMMEDIATELY!"

Insert whatever situation arises as the trigger - BLM, whateverphobics, for the chulrins...

And they are mostly phony baloney jobs. Except the baristas. Those are sort of needed.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that these worthless POS's are afraid of competing, because they know that they'll get their asses handed to them. Thus the equality mantra. A world without these losers would be quite enjoyable!!

SM777 said...

Well, talking about the union, life-long, hardworking, democrat, didn't NAFTA come from the democrats?

A lot of those union democrats might just be beginning to figure things out since Detroit has almost been completely cleared of working auto plants. Where did those jobs go? To Mexico (or Korea in the case of Chev.)

My Nissan was made in Mexico and I think the Nissan plant workers in Canton, MS knew where their jobs were going to go if the UAW had anything to say about it.

Rumor has it, and please correct me if I am wrong, that the individuals holding the "Vote UAW" placards were un-employed auto workers brought in from Detroit and paid minimum wage.

I am guessing that the majority of the Canton plant workers were aware that most likely sooner, rather than later, Nissan was going to say "Sayonara" to the UAW and "Adios" to the USA.

It's likely that "grand-daddy" voted democrat to signal his support for Jim Crow and Segregation since that is the party which spawned and sponsored those laws.

Anonymous said...

An excellent analysis. Just a few thoughts...

School teachers & social workers do work hard, believe it or not. I was a primary school teacher in Australia for a while but had to stop because it was so demanding that it severely interfered with my mothering and I chose my children. My friend is a social worker and councils people on relationships and while she helps them get back on track (largely by getting them to take personal responsibility for their own shit) it leaves her mentally exhausted. Both these jobs are also valuable because one teaches children to read & write while the other makes people more successful & productive members of society.

Both conservatives and leftards eat their own. Everyone on the planet has an invisible halo that they feel honour bound to rub once in a while so that everyone can see how good they are. Conservatives have their lines that can't be crossed as a matter of fierce, moral pride. Leftards throw anybody who questions anything they do under the bus. The power of the group ganging up on one 'bad' traitorous person brings everyone together - stronger & more cohesive. That animalistic, bullying behaviour that we all try so hard to hide, ignore, deny and squash.

I think lefty people are that way simply because they don't know stuff. Unless you have run a business AND been through hard times, had staff screw you over, taken risks, lost money, made money, etc... you don't understand or appreciate how the world works. Leftards are generally ignorant of that truth - they work for someone else, collect their pay checks & live their materialistic & often narcissistic lives and just want to be seen as 'good' people - champions of the underdog: poor women & gays, the gender pay gap, the environment, etc.. The lefty belief system then becomes so entrenched in them that just about nothing will shake it. It becomes their identity, their religion & must be protected at all costs lest they are forced to contemplate being wrong and completely stupid and irrational. Ego at risk!

CT said...

Never understood the whole calling one group or another "lazy" or "leeching".

MOST people do not want to do hard work unless it is a passion. Lots of so-called jobs amount to slavery to a landlord and employer where only those two are having any life enjoyment and being treated like crap to boot.

If hard work was so great, the rich would have a monopoly on it.

The leftist's ego non profit board director gig where they work 20 hours a week, speak, and do nothing is the same as the hard right neocon CEO who is on the golf course more than he his in the office living off dividends, rental properties, and stock. It is the reason Cappy Cap is writing articles and ballroom dancing as opposed to digging a ditch somewhere. It is the reason Anita Sarkeesian makes maybe a video or two when she feels like it, speaks, and does what she does rather than fold clothes customers throw around at a retail clothing store. It is the broke hoe that plops out kids for child support and the guy that slips on a floor in the grocery store looking to sue.

Almost everybody -even the sorriest loser- wants a life position where they get to explore their passions, get treated with respect, not be beholden to others who do may be at best uncaring at worst abusive, and not have to do soul crushing work.

Ideology, even the ones we think are silly has nothing to do with this fact.

It is not wrong to not want to work as a goal. It is possible to work hard all your life, either for others or yourself, and still be impoverished and unhappy.

Sad thing is, this has been going on for generations and there are entire industries set on exploiting those who have this basic human desire because they had a head start and know basic sociology and economics. Right, left, up, down, whatever wing.

Anonymous said...

I would wish the Left would hire minorities and install programs to help minorities out of poverty. But no that takes hard work and effort. African Americans and Latino might do great learning trades since their brains would be more tailored to realistic jobs than intellectual or corporate jobs. African Americans work for themselves instead of blaming White men and the Right for why their lives are a mess. African Americans and Latinos may earn enough money in trades to live in reasonably priced neighborhoods. Then they can leave the ghetto slums that can possibly turned into nice neighborhoods via gentrification. Their kids would able to go to charter/private schools to get a equality education. Welfare and section 8 housing can disappear making the American economy/job market. It would be great to get rid of the bad neighborhoods so they would not be any thugs, welfare single mothers, and obnoxious kids. That would not happen because the Left rely on the votes of "victims" and "parasites" and make work non-profit jobs of these "oppressed" people. Hating and envying the Rich white men instead of working to make your own life keeps the Left alive.

Anonymous said...

they use 'equality' when they mean 'egalitarianism'. this changing of the meaning of words is merely another lie to advance their agenda, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

the Productive v the Parasites

consider who you wish as a neighbor ...

lawyer or farmer
EEOC compliance bureaucrat or plumber
Womyns Studies lecturer or mechanic
director of Motor Vehicle Dept or doctor
congressman or carpenter
school board official or professor of engineering

Paul Bonneau said...

No, I don't buy it. If you want to be a lazy bum, that is the easiest thing in the world. Just sign up for welfare.

What drives them is a need to fix human beings. We peons are defective, and they are going to square us away. Remove the danger by taking our guns and free speech.

Of course what in turn is behind that, is the lust for power. They like doing things to their opponents, bad things, while feeling good about themselves for doing it.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good, will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
-- C.S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with the part about musicians/artists etc - a lot of actual work goes into mastering an instrument and not every successful artist (in whatever their chosen art) is left leaning.

I'm aware that I'm very much an anomaly - a black British born (my parents were Commonwealth immigrants in the 70s) hetero male musician with right of centre political tendencies, much to the chagrin of my fellow artisan colleagues; I arrived at my views in part because I 'grew up' and then understood what rewards are gained from hard work and sacrifice. There's a LOT to be said for delaying ones need for instant self-gratification! I'm lucky because I work hard at what is effectively a lifelong passion and with careful planning and by NOT 'living for the moment', I enjoy a 6-figure annual salary which allows me to live without having to answer to anyone really.

I am allergic to the idea that I should pay for other peoples bad choices. Welfare and healthcare is all well and good for those who truly need it but when people are proud of their laziness, be it in the form of expecting the government to pay for their offspring or expecting society to pick up the tab for their vanity, I have no time for it. I came from very little and everything I have was earned by myself, no Bank of Mum and Dad to help me... I absolutely agree with the authors view regarding laziness and PoCoTex's astute comments on envy as I possess neither of those character traits it irks me greatly when I see it in others.

Ultimately I think the left often delude themselves when it comes to the reality of human nature and the idea of everyone being 'equal' is simply laughable to me. I may have had certain disadvantages, being a minority or not coming from a wealthy background for example, but I refused to let those things a) stop me from achieving my goal and b) use that as an excuse, which is again proving the authors point about the left's laziness.

If I could do it, what's stopping anyone else?

Anonymous said...

The left eats own for two reasons:
Its by design and emotional instability. Why would any one create an idea which creates fracturing? Its meant to erase individuality and idenity. Its also to prevent folks from forming true bonds between individuals. The other is insecurity.

Anonymous said...

This! I'm a 30 year old that studied STEM and work as an engineer. Some of my childhood friends are petty, arrogant, lazy chumps that I've had a hard time understanding until now. This is the best shit I've ever read.