Saturday, August 26, 2017

Reminder to Shop "Cappy"

A friendly reminder this weekend to do ALL your online shopping through my Amazon Affiliate link.  It costs you nothing extra, and I get a 7% commission on ALL purchase you make.  You just have to click here and just start shopping.

Additionally, as it just so happens, Google/Youtube has demonetized nearly everybody's YouTube videos.  Any foul language, curse words, or questionable language was demonetized last week, which has basically put an end to anything PG13 or racier.  I think it also puts the nail on the coffin of YouTube paying content creators because soon they're just going to not pay anybody anything.  I have my channel also set up in case YouTube decides to start charging people to have a channel, but the larger point is if you want to support me financially, about the ONLY thing left is my Amazon affiliate program.

Will keep you posted about the latest dick-fuckery going on with YouTube as it happens.  In the meantime, shop away.

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Anonymous said...

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