Thursday, August 17, 2017

What the Right and the Left Can Learn from Charlottesville

Frankly, just what a waste of time, not to mention life, protesting and making your entire life all about politics:


VVVVVV said...

What is the link to the byzatine podcast?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Ahhh, but if we don't continue the universal traditions of the "Cain vs. Abel" and "Hatfields vs. McCoys" style cultural diametrics that would break a long 6,000-year-old+ practice of the world's civilizations.
Gotta stay loyal to our human nature, you know.

Max said...

When I first saw the videos of the protests, I saw two leftists groups clash. On one side international, on the other side national socialists. What I did not see were conservatives (probably at home with family or working). But of course, the modern commentators have no more knowledge about what they write, than they have about the objectivity of their written words.

Many would be astonished to know that Mr. Putin is also a leftist by heart or that Adolf Hitler was a Progressive. But then history is no longer taught in any depth at all or its too boring for most people.

I am not even surprised that Charlottesville got such a big news page coverage, while this escalation of the Antifa did not even get a big blip:

Also in Germany the G20 protests that escalated badly in Hamburg, never got the harsh words that Nationalist protests in Dresden got. Although I condemn both because I dont want to associate with any of these socialists, I think it unfair to highlight only one of the two.

David Steward said...

Thanks, Aaron. I needed this.

With all the craziness going on in Charlottesville and Trump, I was getting sucked back into the world of politics and getting involved in pointless debates with people. This was a nice reminder of why I stopped getting involved in it to begin with. Sometimes, you just need a refresher.

Tucanae Services said...

To paraphrase, -- "You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you." For a starter, if you are male and under 30, you may get that nice letter from your neighbors inviting you to be cannon fodder in the next war.

Ignore politics as you desire, cause yes most of it means little. But certainly know, regardless, whose side you will be on if you have to choose.

V10 said...

Yes, you can reach more people via the internet than any physical seminar.

And if Google or whatever hosting company decides you are guilty of wrongthink (or is brow-beaten by a handful of social media divas into reaching that conclusion), they can shut you down, too. And much more easily and efficiently than rallying thugs to a physical venue.

Faithless Cynic said...

Cappy - I get that low carb is horribly boring and life is too short not to eat ice cream. Trouble is, a lot of people are pre diabetic and do not even know it. Low carb high fat keeps these people from slipping into diabetes and taking years off their lives. I have not eaten bread, chips, cookies etc. for over a year. My limited diet sucks, what does not suck is the fact I lost 30 pounds, and my fasting blood sugar and A1c are now in the normal, non diabetic range. I am 62 years old, 5 foot ten and weigh 165 pounds, same as I did in high school.

Karl Denninger over at Market Ticker explains the diet/ diabetes connection better than I can.

If you are healthy and not pre diabetic, have some ice cream for me :-)