Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Big Lie: A Review by Cynical Libertarian

Cynical Libertarian, in is cursing swearing ways, just rips apart a book titled "The Big Lie," written by a 38 year old woman who penned her book after she realized it's not as easy to have kids at 38 as when she was 18.

I suggest listening to it because it's rare you hear feminists and leftists admit they're wrong, but more so, it's great to hear them suffer the full cost and consequences of their mistakes.  Don't read the book, don't give her any more money (she receives a ton in various NGO grants and tax dollars).  But do listen to Cynical Libertarian's rant against it if you want some well deserved poetic justice.  He also has a Part II, and will likely make this book a 5 part analysis/series if you wish to have a little dessert after dinner.

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