Sunday, August 27, 2017

Is the Left No Longer Capable of Intelligence or Sentience?

An excerpt from the latest upcoming episode of The Clarey Podcast.  It does, however, ask a very important question.  If solar eclipses and horses of mascots are now "racist," is that not a sign that leftists who advocate such nonsense lack the ability to think, be intelligent, and are sentient?

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Faithless Cynic said...

I recently read two amazing Kindle books about where this country is headed: Peoples Republic and Indian Country, both written by Kurt Schlicter. In Peoples Republic, the East and West coasts split off and become a separate country. Indian Country is about the war that led up to the split. I hope this does not happen, but, the mood in this country is scary.

Books by you and Schlicter should be on every " Real Americans " must read list.