Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cappy's Patreon Account

Greetings Lieutenants and Economists,

I have finally gotten off my ass and put together a Patreon account.  This is in response to people asking "why don't you have a Patreon account?"  To which I respond, "I have the Amazon Affiliate program, plus if people want to donate they can anytime through my Paypal Account."

Still, it dawned on me that Patreon (though it charges more than Paypal) is more or less the monopoly when it comes to donating to your favorite podcasters, youtubers, bloggers, and other online personalities, and since it is more or less the "way" people donate, I decided to not fight the market and just create a Patreon account.

That being said, there are still ways you can support the Captain that does not cost you money and/or costs US less than Patreon.

The first is of course my Amazon Affiliate program where you simply click here (or on the Amazon banner conveniently in the right side bar) and get into the GOOD HABIT of making all your Amazon purchases through that link.  You pay nothing extra, but I get an extra 6-7% commission on all your purchases.  Remember GO THROUGH THIS LINK, NOT directly to

The second thing is you can always make payments to my Paypal account.  This unfortunately does not allow for the automated monthly "patronage" that Patreon allows for, but Paypal does have such an option (that I put WAAAAY down below in the right side bar many years ago), but is now conveniently here:

Donation Options

The reason I suggest PayPal over Patreon is because Patreon takes a 10% commission, while PayPal takes only a 3% commission.  But again, I know most of the patronage is done via Patreon.

Finally, if you'd like to support the Captain and ensure he never goes back to working banking, but don't have the money, nor have anything you need to buy on Amazon, then the best thing you can do is simply spread the word of the good Captain.  I did an ever so rough estimation, but if you share an article you like, a podcast you enjoyed, or recommend Asshole Consulting to somebody, that's worth about $16 in marketing.  That word of mouth costs you nothing, and I SINCERELY appreciate it when you spread the good word of Cappy around. 

Anyway, I appreciate all of you who have tuned it, listened, hired me out or have supported me in the past. Please feel free to donate, but by all means please support me through FREE MEANS by making all your online purchases through my Amazon affiliate plan or simply sharing Cappy Cap on social media.

Many thanks,


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Anonymous said...

This site exists as a response to Patreon's leftism and censoring, if you weren't aware.