Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Is the Student Loan Bubble a Conscious Conspiracy

Yes and no.  But it would not be possible without the BLIND following of millennials and Gen Y'ers sheepishly attending college for "the college experience."

Oh!  And by the fucking way, when you actually love or care about your children enough to NOT send them through this hell hole and a WASTE of 4 years of youth, maybe you'll consider buying them this book.


Anonymous said...

Teachers involved in the college bubble brainwashing should be sent to prison under the same laws that govern guardians taking financial advantage of the mentally handicapped.

Alessandro Machi said...

Simple formula for not going into "too much college debt". Calculate what one can afford to pay back at 5% of the total college debt one is anticipating creating. If the monthly payback amount is too high, one is borrowing too much money.

Too many prospective college students are relying on paying back 1% of what is owed, or even less, and when interest is subtracted from that 1% of the total due every month, the principle barely reduces, resulting in ongoing, never ending payments. -DailyPUMA

Anonymous said...

Half of the men I know who regret going to college were told to go to college by Boomers (Who assumed it guaranteed success like it did for them in the 70's-90's) and the High School Guidance counselors (who probably only cared about the schools student-> College stats).

To blame millenials completely is a little unfair. Sure they hold a large part of the blame. But a kid whos 17 listening to school administrators, teachers and parents shouldnt be called foolish for taking the advice.

Capt I think you'd find much more productive material digging into the causes of
A) Why college costs inflated
B) Why school systems pressure more kids for college than trades

I'd pay you for an asshole consulting video on this but unfortunately I'm saddled with Student Loans

All the best, keep up the good work