Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Even MIT Doesn't Escape the Stupidity of Higher Education

You can get a fucking pirate certificate.

Albeit I'm sure it's all fun, wipe the shit from your face MIT.  Higher education has a reputation problem if you haven't noticed.


Criticas said...

Hmm, to get the certificate, you have to complete 4 Phys Ed courses. That's less stupid than most Victim Studies requirements. It won't help your earning potential, but you might actually sail or shoot pistol as a hobby. And earning potential isn't a problem for most MIT grads. The problem will come when lesser universities or lesser degree seekers pick this up. Oh, wait, they already have. "Intersectionality in Harry Potter" does not make your English degree more valuable to employers.

Anonymous said...

And, that should include Georgia Tech. Have taken a look at a Master's program in Tech and Education and there is a list of ideas for presenting a paper on various topics for project ideas. At the very top is...wait for it...Gender in the OMS. Second in line is Retention. In my humble opinion this means Women and Minorities (tm) first.
Should not be any surprise for those in the know that other countries lead the world in science and tech.

Moritz Krämer said...

Half of MIT's student body is one the spectrum anyway. Let them have their fun.

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