Friday, January 26, 2018

Why You Never Hire a Theater Major

The Great One from the Cynical Libertarian Society is a great story teller, in spite of his frequent tangenting.  Like his disagrees the most with me, I also disagree the most with him.  This story/episode, however, is an absolute must listen.

It's a modern day saga that entails

Worthless degrees.
The Rule of 505025
Girls flaking
Equal treatment of the sexes
Rich daddies
Dreams of California
Mental illnesses
And clueless liberal arts majors.

Do understand and note the Captain does not share the Great One's beliefs on women in the work place.  The Captain wants nothing more than the equal treatment of women because I desperately want you women to be working as hard and paying as much in taxes as humanly possible.  I do not want you barefoot or pregnant in the kitchen.  I want you majoring in STEM, I want you earning doctorates, I want you in commutes, and I want you earning 6 figures, forking over 40% to the federal, state and local governments.  I do indeed want you to have genuine equal treatment to men.

Regardless, you have been warned about the Great One's politically incorrect and unpopular opinions.  But that aside, he tells a great tale that all people of all stripes can learn from.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone who reads your blog really think posting a link implies complete endorsement with the target's beliefs?

The Captain doth protest too much, methinks.

LBD said...

CC, I took your advice and listened to the podcast. I came away with a completely different opinion. See my comment on his site.

LBD said...

I checked back and it looks like my comment was posted and then removed. Apparently he brooks no criticism.

LBD said...

My comment was restored, so apparently he is open to feedback.