Sunday, November 25, 2018

An Argument on Why You Can Bang Married Liberal Women

This is easily one of the best podcast episodes I have listened to.  Not because of it's salacious nature.  Nor because of the drama and colorful characters involved.  But because The Great One makes the argument that if leftists are going to insist on destroying the nuclear family then what does it matter if you bang a liberal person's wife?

The complete abdication of morals, virtue, morality and certainly family kind of calls into question the validity of any leftist people getting married.  You're OK with stealing people's money.  You mock and ridicule religions (where marriage hails from).  You're against nuclear families.  And you love the state over individuals.  What moral obligation do people have to honor the marriages of liberal people?

I know there's a whole emotional and polite argument, but The Great One does pose an interesting philosophical, moral, and logical counterargument.  Certainly one that makes taking leftists marriages seriously.


kurt9 said...

Your typical hipster glasses wearing leftist woman is often not attractive enough to bone.

elspeth said...

I reviewed one of your books:

The fact that you disdain my faith doesn't change the fact that it's a pretty good book.

CBMTTek said...

Let's be honest here, the liberal women are probably looking for someone that will take charge in the bedroom, which leaves their beta male husbands out.

Frankly, you are providing a public service if you do bang liberal married women.

SM777 said...

Good Point. However, I think I only know of two leftists whom are actually married and they are men. Regrettably, I know far too many leftists and all but those two are old spinsters.

Anonymous said...

God help me Aaron I tried to listen to that disjointed, rambling, intellectually inferior stream of consciousness, I really did. It sucked arse. Don't waste my time with this shit.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

So not only is it perfectly reasonable to fuck with liberals, but also it's perfectly reasonable to fuck liberals despite whatever formal protests they've lodged with traditionalism ...

This is change I can definitely get behind.

Perhaps I can help push through some of this change myself.

Bike Bubba said...

Maybe safer than having sex with unmarried liberal women, but....isn't a prime part of liberal culture these days pretty much free love and the diseases free love transmits, all 30 or so of them, some of them lethal and many of them not curable? No thank you!

Anonymous said...

I see a different take on this.

The woman is toxic. Two kids, two fathers, a failed marriage and failing at her second by age 24? And why is she interested, at all, in his 52 year old ass. Nothing good. Nothing at all. This idiocy transcends politics.

This doesn't end well, ever. I've seen this more than a few times. All he's doing is inviting senseless drama into his life. What happens if the husband grows a pair and shoots him? What happens if he does a little digging and makes "the great one's" life miserable? He works for a university for chrissakes. Not hard at all to ruin him.

Worse yet, the husband chucks her out, and she winds up in his doorstep? Seen that too.

Honestly, it was tough to listen to. Sounded like a pimply faced teenager gloating over getting to squeeze his first tit. This was nearly an hour of high pitched voice hamstering about trying to entice a broken woman into adultery, again.

At one point he was crowing about how Roosh and many PUA are wrong. "Just listen" he says. Really? What did that achieve? teenage petting. What he should have done the nanosecond she said she can't see him any longer was erase her. One of two things would have happened - She and her drama would be gone. Or He'd have her, all in, and all her drama.