Monday, November 26, 2018

How Vagina Guarantees Communism

I am occasionally asked where the US will end up in the future and the correct answer is - Brazil.

It will be a multi-ethnic state, with a large biological mixed race class (i.e. - not Italian-Irish-German Americans, but Asian-Caucasian Americans, and Black-Latino-White Americans, etc.), and it will also represent Brazil in terms of its culture - poor, solidly second world, corrupt, endebted, and going nowhere in particular.  There will be nothing unique about the United States except its history and its form of government, and even then, the people over the generations will vote to whittle their own freedoms away, exchanging freedoms for the promise of financial security, ending with neither.  About the only thing unique about the future US is that we will have nuclear weapons (though it is debatable if we'll have the engineers to maintain them).

The question then is where will Brazil go.  Since the US is on the same path as Brazil, where will Brazil end up in 50, 100, or 200 years, as "we" are inevitably going to end up there anyway.  And I'm pretty sure the correct answer is "communism."  Not that Brazil didn't flirt with communism before.  Their last two presidents before Michel Termer were socialists, Dilma Rousseff a perfectly spoiled brat from the upper classes who turned into a marxist terrorist in her youth.  But do not be fooled, Brazil, and nearly every latin American country is slouching towards socialism, with a terminal end at communism.

The question is why.

I only say the US will be most like Brazil because of their inevitable ethnic composition.  But the general trend of countries' econonmies to move towards socialism is almost universal.  The only countries NOT moving towards communism are the Asian ones who are post-communist and are now only communism in name, but very capitalist by every other function.  So why is all of the West, all of Latin America, and I would also predict India and the Middle East moving towards communism?


This is not to be shocking or crass, but to be direct and as accurate as possible.  The world's democracies are moving towards communism because of vagina.  Because if you think about it vagina has always determined where the world went and how it worked.  And it isn't any different this time as vagina definitely wants to live in a communist economy.  And the reason I don't say "women" is because it is NOT solely women who are determining this.  But both women (who own the world's supply of vaginas) and men who (for the most part) will do whatever the vagina tells them, are responsible for our doomed path towards communism and the inevitable demise that awaits us all.

First, look at a quick and simple boiling down of history.

Nearly every war, battle, fight, or raid conducted in ancient times was for one thing and one thing only.  Vagina.  Yes, men fought each other because maybe we didn't like each other.  Yes, vikings would raid villages here and there to get loot, livestock, and goods.  And yes, all of European history is men (and some women) killing each other all so they could be "king/queen" which translates into "I don't have to work for a living anymore."  But don't think for a second it wasn't because vagina was at the end of it.  European men put their lives at risk to achieve such positions of power and wealth so they could fuck.  Genghis Khan wasn't going for a long western stroll for shits and giggles.  And vikings didn't sail their rickety ships across the North Sea to the UK just to steal some sheep.  They were there to pillage AND rape (your lovable Captain being a by-product of viking's pursuing vagina some 1300 years earlier).  In short, history is nothing more than the various machinations and permutated strategies of men pursuing vagina.  Yes, there are some interesting stories that occur along the way, but if you calculated the percent of calories expended by ALL men over ALL of history it would look like this:

Second, do not mock or ridicule your forefathers.  Because today you dopey guys do the exact same thing.  Oh sure, we go to college or try to establish six-figure salaried careers.  We buy sports cars and fancy houses.  And maybe we play some video games and go drinking with the guys.  But just because we're not killing each other or getting into rickety boats to go rape and pillage some town across the sea doesn't mean the chart is any different.  Nearly every single calorie of energy men spend today is on the exact same thing men of yesteryear spent all their calories of energy one - vagina.  And if we were to update the chart to modern standards it would look like this, the only noticeable difference is the introduction of "porn" where you're imagining you're pursuing vagina:

Third, do not think all this time was wasted.  The billions of men, over the millions of years, who've invested trillions of years in lives pursuing vagina did not do so in vain.  For in order to get vagina we had to compete.  And in order to compete we had to pursue excellence.  And in the pursuit of excellence, we not only worked hard, but smarter.  The ultimate consequence of which is civilization.

The reason you're reading this article right now on an electrical device, powered by electricity, over 7,000 miles away from the author is because MEN discovered and invented the technologies to make it possible.  And the only reason men did these things was because they wanted vagina.

Developing iron into bronze resulted in stronger swords and armor that would lead to vagina.
Guns were developed so we might shoot men from far, far away at a safe distance so we could steal their vagina.
Mastering electricity, taming it to our will to creating light out of the darkness would enrich us to attract vagina.
And building skyscrapers, sports cars, fancy clothes, McMansions and the world's entire infrastructure to build the upon was merely adornment to make the world look pretty, so girls might give us their vagina.

Yes, even those nerds in Silicon Valley who never hit the gym, believed (foolishly) that working hard in software engineering so you can have a new app on your new phone (cough cough - invented by men), making their magical "six figs" a year ONLY DO SO because....


Without women and without vagina men would still be in caves, eating saber tooth tiger meat, running around in loin clothes, maybe getting the muster to beat one another with clubs.  But, "meh" why bother?  There's no vagina.

The larger point is that men and their unrivaled physical and intellectual resources are predominantly only mobilized by vagina.  They will kill other men.  They will enslave themselves to costly college degrees.  They will waste their lives on pointless careers.  All for the PROMISE (not guarantee) of vagina.  Thus, the world's most powerful resource is at the command and control of vagina.

Enter in two more variables - women's suffrage and women's psychology.

Until very recently in the grand scheme of human history, women did not have a say in how society was governed.  It was largely a world of "might and technological advancement makes right," and whoever was the best got the vagina.  Of course, it wasn't as crude as that.  Society did come up with some laws and rules that protected their women.  Rape was outlawed.  You couldn't steal another man's wife.  And though these cultures were truly patriarchal, there were provisions for the protection and interest of women.  But inevitably western civilization evolved to the point where the people governed themselves.  And inevitably the voting franchise was passed onto women as well.  And when that happened, what was once a balanced "ying yang," "supply demand," societal equilibrium, turned into a skewed, unbalanced one, where vagina (not "women" again mind you) was solely in command of nearly all the power.

Women control vaginas.  Vaginas control men.  And thus, for the most part, women for the first time in human history, control society.

When you combine this power with women's psychology, you can start to see why the US is heading towards Brazil, and the world towards communism.  It is women's inherent psychological nature to prefer security over all else.  They want a secure source of food.  They want a secure source of housing.  They want a secure environment to protect themselves and their children.  And if that costs them a little bit more in taxes or we take away people's guns, so be it.  The country would be safer AND more secure.  And whereas in the past this security was largely provided by their husbands and local community, with right to vote, women quickly realized they can merely vote this in at the federal and state levels of government.  That, yes, "Bob the Husband" was a good mechanic who made a decent $55,000 a year, but Barack Obama commanded TRILLIONS of dollars in government money.  Yes, "Phil the programmer" did make a handsome $75,000 a year, but he couldn't offer free housing, education, and health care like Governor Dayton did.  Matter of fact, why compromise yourself with a husband at all?  With the power to vote and the power of vagina, you could have the government implement a Julia like "cradle to grave" program that would guarantee every economic need and wish, at no cost to you.  And then there's the fringe benefit that you could have as many sexual suitors as you pleased, as many children as you pleased, without the albatross of a husband or the labor necessary to support such a family.

Sorry, the government just offers a WAY better economic deal than individual men.

Unfortunately, that economic deal is what's called "communism" where everything is free.  And if you have the logic and common sense of a 5th grader, you can figure out why communism ultimately results in an abject failure of an economy, with a couple hundred million starved corpses to boot.  You would like to think men are smart enough to realize communism is a bad thing, but here is where the power of vagina is truly displayed.

Men don't care if they live in a communist country or not.
Men don't care if the grocery shelves are empty or not.
Men don't care if their tax rate is 100% or not.

Vagina is so powerful it forces men's little heads to override the big ones, and so you have men voting for socialism because they think it will get them "vagina."

Of course, this is not all men.  Some men are in the red pill community, gone ghost, or did their time ne'er to return again.  But this group of men are squarely in the minority.  Because for every "red pilled man" there is a score, if not, hundreds of men voting for the democrat party because they think it will lead to vagina.  And the younger men are, the more powerful their hormones are, which means future generations of "men" will increasingly vote for their own slavery via communism.  It's so bad, I've peered behind the curtains of some of the presumedly most ardent, conservative, libertarian, masculine, traditionalist men, only to see wifey-poo COMPLETELY in command of the family, its budget, and its politics, with the man's balls thoroughly ensconced in her purse.  It's why the republican party is largely inept and is why the word "cuck" exists.

But whereas you think this phenomenon is going to be strictly relegated to the west, where women have the power of the vote and the vagina, think again.  Because feminism+vagina+suffrage is a franchise that's being exported all over the world.  In latin America women have already voted for socialism, preferring a relationship with the state over an individual man.  You can take a look at any one of the number of pictures of the "caravan" making their way to the US and you will only see ringless single mothers with their children, never a father to be seen.  And don't think it's just naive, low IQ trailer trash who forgot to use a condom.  There is also a very conscious, intellectual feminist movement that hates men, traditionalism, and would love nothing more than to replace men with the state in latin America.  Sadly, like most men, the Latinos just grin and bear it.

And before you mock Latinos, may I point out the second largest population in the world - India - where feminism is making great strides.  I've never seen such a rapid transition of a culture from traditionalism to a new culture - economic, political, sexual, or not.  Western men may be "cucked," but east Indian men seem to be taking the gold in this olympic event. 

Even countries that were once traditionally considered "traditional" are rapidly being converted to feminist-democracies where it's only a matter of time before vagina turns them into communist states.  Roosh V has noticed this trend where the introduction of smart phones and social media has taken entire cultures of women who were once looking to have a traditional, stable, nuclear family, and westernized them into "empowered feminist women" who jack up the price of their vagina to a "vote for women," which again is just a vote for communism.

Many of you would then look to the Middle East thinking a religion like Islam would inoculate and vaccinate a country against feminist-led communism.  And even here, I am sad to inform you, that vagina is a MUCH MORE powerful force than religion.  This is in part where I've have some personal dealings with some Muslim communities (shock- they drink booze and like vagina!).  But it is more so due to American media, Hollywood, and the internet.  Because while Mohammed may have made some compelling cases in the Koran to follow the life of a good Muslim, Hollywood has done a much better job of marketing the big-boobed, American blond, who craves sex and is bubbly and happy.  And if given the choice, the majority of Muslim men will abandon Mohammed for this propagandized pussy. 

Finally, if you have concerns that all these non-western cultures invading the west is going to be a free-for-all where they come here to "steal and rape our weeeemin," think again.  Because this isn't a western movie where the lone settlers have to man up and protect their women folk from the on-coming banditos.  Remember, the women-folk have voted in a VERY large state with a VERY large police and military force.  Worse, the have got the entire country walking on pins and needles where a mere false accusation can land men in jail.  A socially awkward approach can cost a man his job.  And like the sheep they are, women have managed to corral men into "diversity and sensitivity training" programs at work, school, and college.  It's so bad men need to learn how to protect themselves against the false accusations of women more than getting a date and starting a family.  And if Pablo tries to grope a girl on the dance floor, Ali tries to ban his wife from driving, or Punjab asks Suzie out at work, the entire police/military/judicial force will come crashing down on them and punish them.  And these men will accept it.

You want to know why?

Because Muslims will give up their religion,
Latinos will give up their machismo,
Whites will give up their wealth,
and Asians will give up their traditions,

because they value vagina over all those things.

In the end, what has traditionally made all cultures great, productive, and advancing will be redirected towards being supplicant, obedient, and merely "voting the right way."  Men, with their unlimited energies, strengths, intelligence, and innovation will no longer use those things to create greatness, excellence, and accomplishment in society in an attempt to woo and impress women.  They will instead, as they are trained to do in school, college, and the media, parrot talking points and merely "vote for women."  It will not be their deeds that are rewarded, but their beliefs.  And because they will be told having the politically correct opinions, thoughts, and beliefs will get them vagina, they will cease being real men and instead become...well...the limp-wristed, pansified, hipster, leftist millennial "men"they've become today.  The fact they're going to vote for, and usher in, communism is almost an inconsequential after-thought when you consider just what a loss it will be to society when men cease being men.
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Vader999 said...

If you're looking at Brazil lately, they've gone stringently anti-Communist. It's not like China where the CCP still pretend to be Communist while secretly masturbating to Ayn Rand, it's going full right anti-Communist "we're back to being a Christian nation" stereotype. So basically, any communist country will eventually swing back the other way given time. Russia has done it rather radically, going from "atheist communist state" to "Orthodox Christian State that will beat you to death with a holy icon." China's a lot slower, but notice how every member of the Chinese Communist Party has stakes in Chinese corporations and are pretty much capitalists in all but name. Brazil went the Russian route of "fuck Communism, we go back to the old ways," whereas Vietnam went the Chinese route, of "we'll still pretend to be Communists but fuck it, it isn't working, so we'll just be capitalists in secret."

threeLegDog said...


The only problem is these changes will be going against 200,000 to 500,000 years of evolution and human brain hard-wiring.

It will be Interesting Times.

Lj Lyon said...

Oh my God.. Only the fags can save us!

Neal Bowman said...

Maybe my favorite post of yours to date...just awesome! Would've been lost to history for the thousands of us haters who can't stand to watch a video podcast.


Bill said...

Long ass post.

Anonymous said...

Lj Lyon, that is absolutely right! Whatever one's opinion on gays are, if the Republican party (and some leftists too) had spent less time wailing about gay wedding cakes and instead focusing on winning over gay men politically - who are the most politically and economically successful minority group out there today - the Republicans could have stood a better chance at this last election and AT LEAST the next two elections going forward.

"Family values" my ass! What good is it harping about how bad gay adoption is if there are NO healthy family units left in the future to adopt kids in the first place?

Anonymous said...

You have point how about the vagina. After world war 2, all the living soldiers returned home to cause a mass reproduction of the generation you loathe.Vast technological innovations happened that cause a mass human population. Advanced medicine might people lived longer to have more children. Illiad was the Greek poem where thousand of men died since they could rescue the most beautiful woman, Helen of Troy. Videogame characters Mario and Link from Legend of Zelda's plots in almost each of the games revolves around rescuing a princess. Young boys become rock musicians and rappers from 50s-present to get the attention of girls and even write songs about girls as self-insert fiction in female fan base. Men are willing to spend thousand of dollars to travel to countries to have sex with quality foreign women because American women stink.I eat healthy and attempt to exercise, learn social skills, study game, develop good humor, get better clothing, maintain good hygiene,and hold on a job so I stand out from all the neckbeard,incel, and "nice guys" who turn off women. I read examples of winners and losers when it comes to getting women. Vagina is a great "plot device" to motivate men in fiction and reality.

Another Calgary Marc said...

Mr Vader, I'd be inclined to offer a small correction: I don't think China is communist any longer, but it is not "capitalist" either. It is fascist/corporatist. Whatever the optics, the important corporations are government/Party owned or controlled, and anti-corruption probes never find the "wrong" people, if you catch my meaning.

Anonymous said...

Repeal the 19th and pass an inverse version that forbids women from participating in government in any way. Sometimes the old ways had good reason behind them.

Alex said...

But Cappy, How do women compare in countries which were Communist for 40 to 70 years, with those in the liberal capitalist countries since the 1960s? Rhetorical question.

Now what about the level of communi in an ex Communist country like Russia vs the US. had a recent debate about this and calculated that social spending in Russia is about 50B $ compared to US 500$B but when you account for GDP and population, they are almost equal. So Russia and US are equally "Communist."

Even during late Soviet times (in my childhood) the women there were more feminine than today's while they may not have had as much in terms of wardrobe- they certainly had traditional values and made the most out of the 2 dresses and pairs of heels they did have. Sweet spot was in the early 2000s when they still had the traditional mentality but could afford a lot of fashionable clothing.

Noe one hypothesis off the top of my head is that true communist ideals did not really permeate into the Soviet Union as they discredited themselves even in the eyes of the Communist party as Lenin himself acquired and allowed Capitalism to return in 1921 with the New Economic Plan. Similar thing happened in China after Mao died and the communists who participated in his great leap forward and saw how flawed the ideas were took over snd just kept the symbols. Most true believers did not survive Stain and the Communists simply became a sort of priestly class that did not really understand the goals behind he ideology they were preaching. Maybe this is because Marxism was developed by rich German intellectuals- not by peasants who just wanted a better life. An example is peasants joining KGB just because they had higher rations. People mostly remained the same as prior to the 1917 revolution.

Bootstrapper said...

The state is the perfect "sugar daddy". Think about it: it gives women everything they traditionally had to marry a man to get and they don't need to trade vagina for it. It supercharges their hypergamy by eliminating the consequences of bad life choices. All this, of course, destroys the family - the basic unit of society - which is the end goal of Socialism; an undifferentiated mass of individuals, each facing the might of the state, alone.

Anonymous said...

@ Alex Bogatiryov

Well said. My wife was born in 1973 and is from Moscow. Her parents (divorced) were party members. She never grasped why the USSR failed and has a very confusing love-hate relationship about the past. I once asked my MIL what she and the other communist party members talk about at the (required) party meetings and she couldn't give me a straight answer besdies mumbling "marxism" and getting flustered when I pushed the question.

Women are followers no matter where they reside or what era they live in.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

Here is the truthful version of the caption of your cartoon:
"Vote for Communism and I'll Sleep With You (someday...maybe)"

Alex said... what do you think about the ideas in this video?