Friday, November 02, 2018

How Google Virtue Signaled Itself to Death

This topic does indeed warrant a long, thorough, and lengthy analysis. 

The problem is my readership already knows its underlying workings and I'm too tired to write another thorough piece on how hiring politically motivated people is like introducing cancer cells to an organization.  You will undermine your entity on the cellular level.

Now that the education industry and CSR Google have fanned the flames of SJW-ism enough, the frankenstein monster is turning on its creator, or at least 20% of the cells of the organization revolting against the host.

I do not know how a living organism survives when 20% of its cells have turned against you

I'm going to now sit and eat my popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Google committed suicide by colluding with the WSJ to take money from cancer kids because of politics, then banning the Killstream. It's hard to grow a large audience and easy to lose it; people follow creators, not platforms.

kurt9 said...

The obvious corollary is that Google will not succeed with any of its "moonshot" projects such as autonomous cars, even if it manages to survive as a business entity. I believe the rot started right after the 2012 election when the tech giants began cutting deals with the Obama administration to increase "diversity" hires. They then fulfilled on this commitment by hiring lots of liberal women.

One of the first indications of decline was when Google sold Boston Dynamics (the guys who made that humanoid robot that jumped and did back flips) to a Japanese company 2-3 years ago.

Bill said...

Oh I feel so bad for them, really I do...😊