Wednesday, November 07, 2018

New Sponsor - Barack Obama is Afraid of Sharyl Attikisson

We have a new sponsor on Cappy Cap (and for some reason a ton of new sponsors popped up this week).  This Sponsor is Daniel Alman and his new book, “Barack Obama Is Afraid of Sharyl Attkisson: The definitive guide to the shenanigans of America’s 44th president”

He gave me very specific instructions to promote his book, including listing the chapters.  Here are the chapter names to help give you an idea of what’s in the book:

Chapter 1: Trying to silence the media
Chapter 2: Less transparent than Nixon 
Chapter 3: Sharyl Attkisson
Chapter 4: James Rosen
Chapter 5: IRS Scandal
Chapter 6: Fast and Furious 
Chapter 7: Bill Ayers
Chapter 8: Medical marijuana 
Chapter 9: Firefighters
Chapter 10: Air-traffic controllers 
Chapter 11: Democrats criticize Obamacare
Chapter 12: Unions criticize Obamacare 
Chapter 13: No, you can’t keep your insurance
Chapter 14: Obamacare’s 29 hour work week 
Chapter 15: Benghazi
Chapter 16: Dinesh D’Souza 
Chapter 17: If Obama had a son
Chapter 18: Wasting the taxpayers’ money 
Chapter 19: Military
Chapter 20: Teachers and police officers 
Chapter 21: Solyndra
Chapter 22: Voter ID 
Chapter 23: Education
Chapter 24: Sharia law and Islamic terrorism 
Chapter 25: Civil liberties
Chapter 26: Hillary Clinton 
Chapter 27: Iran
Chapter 28: Obama Motors 
Chapter 29: Supermarkets
Chapter 30: Miscellaneous

You can buy the paperback version at

You can buy the amazon kindle version at


Anonymous said...

Sessions is out. Indictment when?

David Reynolds said...

If Trump did one or two of those chapters that Obama did while in office, he would have been impeached long time ago. Don't think for a moment the media would have ran cover for Trump like they did for Obama.