Thursday, November 01, 2018

Day Care "Fight Club"

Looks fun as hell.  Looks like a guy got in there, gave the kids padded "hulk hands" and they could go and "beat each other up" without getting hurt.

Ohhhhh...but wait.  That's masculine.  And we can't have any of that.

Now it's national news as if the kids were actually in an MMA cage match fighting to the death.


Post Alley Crackpot said...

"Now it's national news as if the kids were actually in an MMA cage match fighting to the death ..."

Yeah, I'll just leave this here: "Battle Royale".


Anonymous said...

Mate I’m sick of this bullshit fake full of shit anti men world we live in. But if you think there is nothing wrong with this in a daycare environment then you’re FITH. If anything the video demonstrates how fucked in the head some women are and how much twisted pathological enjoyment they get when they can manipulate others to punch on on their behalf

Mike said...

Gee, it's almost as if... it's NOT a good idea to farm out raising your kids or something.

Floyd said...

HA! That does sound like fun. From what it seems like, the Daycare worker didn't completely ignore whiney.... I've learned that if the ADULTS make a deal out of something, the kid will as well. If they DON'T make a deal, the kids won't either. The "You're fine" stuff while he's whining is part of that NOT MAKING A DEAL; and teaching them to tough things out. Mommy was the one who "traumatized" the kid by making a deal out of it. She's going to raise a miserable little incel that'll kill people.

Second, grabbing a 3 year old by the arm? If you going to outsource your parenting, they are going to do things like parents do because there are some things you CANNOT avoid doing with children. I would love to see ANY mother tell me with a straight face that she ain't ever snatched a toddler or older by the arm when they are being stubborn. If you didn't man-handle stubborn kids, a huge percentage of them would never bathe, or leave their grandparents/friends house...etc.

And 3rd: just like other "scandals", I bet money they are hiding what the kid did for the caregiver to flip the hell out. If you let children do whatever the hell they want, you get criminals. With that kind of response(and the fact the "director" did nothing) i suspect the kid did something nasty or spit or bite. One of the *main* and *reliable* ways you keep children from biting them back. When I was a young liberal-leaning idiot, I didn't say anything, but I thought it was a bit too harsh. Now that I'm raising demons into functional adults myself...Yep. Only thing that seems to work.