Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Why Women Mutilate Their Bodies with Tattoos, Piercings, Ear Gauges, and Fat

You may purchase the book here which would make a great gift for any young man with a future that you don't want destroyed with a false accusation.


Red Pill Wisdom said...

The one GOOD thing about these women is that by mutilating their bodies the way that they do, they're metaphorically "wearing red flags/'WARNING lights'/'DO NOT APPROACH' signs" which warn any man (a man with the awareness to see) just how they are NOT JUST completely unfit to be a wife or mother -- they are also much too mentally/psychologically unstable to risk any kind of 'relationship' whatsoever.
They're basically 'good enough' for being the cumrags and f*cktoys for Alpha McGorgeous and Chad Thundercock (just barely), but nothing more beyond that.

SnapperTrx said...

With regards to "aposematism" I saw some repost of some guy who was issuing the same warning against women who do the whole tattoo and hair thing to which some lady replied, "Aposematism in animals is meant to warn off predators, not sexual partners. Looks like its working as intended." I had to laugh because the point is that the animal is issuing a warning of "HEY! IM DANGEROUS! DON'T TOUCH ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET HURT OR DIE!" Surprisingly enough this is the same way a lot of these weird ladies see themselves anyway, as damaged goods. "Oh, you dont want to get involved with me, Ill just break your heart. Ill just hurt you." Nice try lady, but you are right, it is working as intended.